[SOLVED] Visual Methods in Research

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Differing Ways in Which Geographers Have Incorporated Visual Methods into Their Research. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. The society is heavily influenced by visual representations and images. It is easier to pass on information through visual and imagery representation, as opposed to the use of words and symbols. However, the interpretations of these visual images normally lack critical awareness or analysis. This is because they are always interpreted on face value. Cloke (2004) explains that visual communication normally occurs through the help of visual aids. It is described as a conveyance of information and ideas that information that it is easy to read, understand, and look upon.Thrift and Kitchin (2009) further explains that visual communication greatly relies on vision. Furthermore, it is always expressed or presented with two-dimensional images. This includes typography, signs, graphic design, drawings, animation, illustration, advertising, industrial design, etc. Visual communication explores the concept that visual messages that are accompanied by words have a great capability of educating, informing, or persuading the audience of the message under consideration (Rubenstein, 2009). Geographers mainly use visual methodology as part of the qualitative method of gathering data.&nbsp.Auto photography is an example of an ethnographic research methodology. It provides a tool used in qualitative research methods that help in understanding the qualities of an environment, and geographic locations. This tool is on most occasions used by human geographers for purposes of collecting information. This is mainly because of advances in photographic technology, it is easy to access it, and it is also affordable. Stockinger (2013) explains that auto-photography is directly related to film development, and it relies on the camera technology. In geography, the use of auto-photography is directly related to the invention of disposable cameras (Phoenix, 2010). This was a one-time user camera that could not operate without a film.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] Visual Methods in Research
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