[SOLVED] Universal Ethical Egoism Theory

Need a research paper on universal ethical egoism theory. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Universal ethical egoism theory states that it is a perspective doctrine that all individuals have to act from their own self-interests.&nbsp. The application of the theory to the case study is whether ethical or not, individuals should be allowed to eat meat. The theory supports the argument that it is unethical to consume meat because of the cruelty the animals are likely to save and also the environmental dilemma that comes with the consumption of meat. From the theory, the partiality not to feed on meat is because of the act of killing the animals is in itself a messy business and this cuts short the life of animals slaughtered.&nbsp. The deviance that comes with the killing of the animals is a harmful act in substitute for culinary desires that people always want to fulfill.&nbsp. The theory also supports the idea of those who argue that it is ethical to eat meat so long as animal welfare and ethnic traditions surrounding meat consumption are maintained. Here individuals are allowed to eat meat so long as it is associated with their specific cultural traditions. Such communities find it a norm to feed on the specific meat as a way of celebrating their culture, because of the celebrations of such cultures that promote meat-eating then morally slaughtering the animals for meat consumption can be said to be defensible (Hinman & Lawrence 2013).&nbsp.The strength of the theory that comes out clearly is that it comes out with a philosophical view.&nbsp. It tells people how they ought to behave and it does not necessarily describe how they should behave and react to situations. In line with the case study, the ethical egoism puts people at free will to either describe meat eating as either ethical or unethical depending on their own understanding but not relating to the views that others hold.&nbsp. Those who find it ethical that they should feed on meat so long as animal welfare and ethnic traditions surrounding meat consumption are maintained are at will do so. Societies that have learned that eating meat is simply custom and a habit that people have developed and acquired from generation to generation since time immemorial are allowed to continue with such acts (Jenkins 2003). Individuals who also consider meat eating as unethical because of the cruelty exposed to the animals and environmental dilemmas are at will to hold such views.&nbsp.The theory has a major weakness in that at times the ethical egoism makes individuals differ from their ethical positions in regard to views they hold about things, situations or other people in society. This puts people to believe and hold what is contrary to their positions. In line with the theory it can be argued that even though if the animals are treated well on the farms where they are kept, in that they are fed very well as nature requires and at the same time allow the animals to express their character freely than in the end when slaughtered for meat it should not arise as a cruel act. One may consider terminating the animals’ life as an act of cruelty a but since he believes in the theory that what he does is right then he will hold the position that it is not ethical to feed on meat (Jenkins 2003).&nbsp.From the analysis above it comes out clear that the theory is a relativist. It allows for free judgment for the situation at hand by those who use it to argue out the case study.&nbsp. The implication of the theory to the case study is that it allows both parties to act in their own interests, as those who hold the view that it is unethical to feed on meat because of the environmental dilemma and animal cruelty involved to do so in their own interests without viewing the other side of the argument.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] Universal Ethical Egoism Theory
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