[SOLVED] Unionism and Strike Action

Submit a 2250 words paper on the topic A Distinctive Look at Unionism and Strike Action. Nevertheless, as further argued by Jeremy Brecher (1997), labor movement, such as mass strike, situate workers as historical actors and change their roles and relationships with one another and with their employer/s. This essay illustrates the above argument by analyzing the effects of the strike action on employment relations in the 1978 film Blue Collar.A concerted stoppage of work by a group of workers in contemplation or furtherance of an industrial dispute, whether they are parties to the dispute or not, whether in the case of all or any of these workers, the stoppage is not in breach of the terms and conditions of their employment and whether it is carried out during or on the termination of their employment.Experiences across the globe prove that strikes are unavoidable in an industrial social order. Strikes are widely exercised to place economic demands and are planned to disrupt business operations or to change relationships in order to discontinue, or at least hinder, usual roles (Pattnaik 1993). The strike, according to Gennard and Judge (2005), is considered as a lawful and potent tool in the disposal of workers in contending with an employer or management who declines to grant their requests.Nevertheless, strikes are naturally economically unwise and bring about problems. A strike is essentially a tool of self-protection against the capricious and unfair actions of the management. Hence, the strike is a social need for supporting or securing a fair economic standing of the workers (Gennard & Judge 2005). As argued by G.D.H. Cole, the working class is obliged to turn to strike because fundamentally there is an obvious inequality between the workers and their employers. Under the law, workers and employers are equal (Pattnaik 1993). According to Cole (as cited in Pattnaik 1993), the contractual worker is mandated to give his/her labor to his/her employer. the employer is mandated to dictate the employment relations.


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[SOLVED] Unionism and Strike Action
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