[SOLVED] Theory of Human Nature

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Marxs Argument about Capitalism and His Theory of Human Nature. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. On the contrary, it is the bad consequence of capitalism such as poverty and inequality that have ensured life continues to be unbearable for the working class, the poor, and other vulnerable people in society (Wolff 2002, p. 113). One of Marx’s most outstanding works on capitalism, written together with a Friedrich Engels was the Communist Manifesto, a pamphlet that has quite influential even in contemporary times. This paper explores Karl Marx’s arguments about capitalism and relates these arguments to his theories on alienation and human nature.Marx’s ideas on capitalism and globalization are largely appreciated and acknowledged even in current times, many years after he first published his works. In fact, even modern-day capitalists concur that Marx was mostly right about capitalism. However, questions continue to be asked whether Marx’s ideas could be outmoded and irrelevant to the current world’s economic and social situations. As a matter of fact, many a scholar agrees that Marx’s ideas and theories on capitalism, human nature, and alienation are as relevant today as they were during his times. In recent times, there have been increased attempts by many scholars, especially philosophers, sociologists, and economists, to reassess Marx’s ideas and theories on capitalism. The driving force behind these attempts is the international economic crisis associated with capitalism. According to some of these reassessments of Marx’s theories on capitalism, capitalism will continue to create a cycle of economic depressions due to cycles of overcapacity and overproduction problems (Seigel 1978, p. 19).Marx’s argument that capitalism is unfit for human consumption is supported by the belief that capitalism is to blame for the economic recessions the world has faced in recent times. His initial descriptions of capitalism have been cited as the reasons for the past and the current capitalism-related economic crises. First among these reasons is the antagonism between the social and collective production on one side and the privately owned means of production on the other. The second reason is the opposition between the world market and state limitations to production. Marx also lamented that capitalism only targets profits and not social needs and exploits the working class that creates new values of which the capitalist enjoys the bigger portion while the worker only receives wages. In fact, in some instances, the situation gets so bad that the working class may not afford to buy the goods it produces. Despite the fact that capitalists always reinvest these increased earnings back into the industry, it only yields more profits for them, in the processing making capitalist problems such as overcapacity and overproduction go in circles (Ernie 2004, p. 216).


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[SOLVED] Theory of Human Nature
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