[SOLVED] Theoretical Manuscript

theory-based manuscript examining a health behavior in a specific population of your choosing. This assignment is designed to equip you with: • A strong theory-based understanding of your chosen public health behavior. • Familiarity with how theory-based research contributes to public health efforts. • The essential skills of effective literature review and professional writing. Your manuscript should be based on a careful review of the theory-based literature published in the public health profession within the last 5-7 years. The manuscript should contain: • An introduction of your chosen topic that includes a call for theory-based literature on your chosen topic and concludes with a strong purpose statement. • A description of the methods you used to find, select, and review articles for your literature review. • A results section where information from the articles is presented. • A discussion section where results are synthesized and discussed. • Conclusions and recommendations, based on findings from the manuscript, about how the profession can further investigate and use this theory-based information in research and practice The First Draft of the Manuscript will consist of fully completed Introduction, Methods, and Results sections. Additionally, should have an updated detailed outline for the Discussion, and Conclusions and Recommendations section of the paper. An updated reference list should be included at the end of the paper with additional references and APA formatting corrections based on instructor feedback from the outline. Please note this is NOT a rough draft of the paper; the paper should have “final draft” quality with content, grammar, and formatting. 


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[SOLVED] Theoretical Manuscript
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