[SOLVED] The Vancouver Orpheum Theatre

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Vancouver Orpheum Theatre. Some experts decided to investigate on aspects of increasing the income of the facility. Their plan to convert the enormous theatre to a multiplex succeeded, and Orpheum is still one of the best theatres in the world (Bollwitt, Para 4).The Orpheum was saved by funding from the various facets of the government and donations that amounted to $432,000. After its restoration, the theatre was re-opened in 1977 and featured the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. In 1995, it was advanced and it was renovated again in 2009 and became a National Historic Site (Bollwitt, Para 6).The first Orpheum was a concert hall that was opened by Gustave Walters in 1887 at a place known as San Francisco. The concert hall was named after a Greek god. Orpheus, who used to sing and play his lyre so well that it used to fascinate the wild beast during that period. More so, the first short-lived and independent Vancouver’s Orpheum was opened in 1904 and was located at Westminster Avenue. However, it stayed in business for a few months (Dance Collection Danse, Para 1).Timothy Sullivan and John Considine ran the second Orpheum theatre. In this regard, they began to control the Savoy theatre that was located on Cordova Street. However, it was found to be small, thus they decided to control a ‘people’s theatre’ that was originally known as Alhambra. The theatre that was located in a place called the Northwest corner, was built in 1899. Considine and Sullivan converted the theatre into the city’s second Orpheum theatre in 1906. The theatre constituted of fold-up theatre seats, a seating capacity for one thousand two hundred people and uniformed workers. The theatre made a historic impact because Charlie Chaplin and Fred Karno’s Company of British comedians utilized the theatre to entertain people on 8th April 1912 (Dance Collection Danse, Para 2).


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[SOLVED] The Vancouver Orpheum Theatre
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