[SOLVED] The Use of Cell Phones

Write a 9 pages paper on the use of cell phones can create increased cancer prevalence. Modern technology has caused worries to society in terms of health. According to Lyle et al (2003), more credible evidence of the worries includes celebrations held for individuals who advocate for health concerns as related to modern technology. Selection of a day such as May 31st the year 2011 came as an important day for giving lessons on the guesswork that folks had made before without a clear basis of support to the allegations. Policymakers had to give an intelligent choice on technological devices used by millions all over the world. The claim here is that cell phones have a possibility of causing cancer.Zook et al (2006) argued, what is apparent from the theoretical view is that even the scientists are not sure about the possibilities of cell phones causing cancer. Two types of brain cancer have been associated with cancer. However, there lacks adequate information in support of this allegation directed to the acoustic neuroma and glioma types of cancer. Further, there is no adequate information to support allegations that other forms of cancer could be caused by the use of cell phones. Casual interpretations gain considerations on carcinogenic radiation without acceptable evidence on the same.There lacks certainty on the matter with people airing their thoughts on imaginations but no scientific evidence. Verschaeve et al. (2006) argued no one could be sure if things are safe or there is need for intervention regarding that a whole generation may be swept away by cancer. The risk with this is that it may take abnormally long to realize the effects of cell phones as related to carcinogenic. It is not possible to be certain about the issue until time elapse as observations and close studies are made.Nobody will dispute the fact that brain carcinomas take long to develop.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] The Use of Cell Phones
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