[SOLVED] The Significance of National Symbols

Prepare and submit a paper on the significance of national symbols. In Egypt, there are symbols that citizens as gods in their culture. There is a source of identity for Egyptian culture. The symbols and objects have cultural significance to the countries that they represent. In addition, they play the role of representing a part of the society that individuals overlook.Histories of important landmarks are important because it helps individuals understand their society. It helps them learn what society stands for and hat they expect from the citizens. The symbols have a cultural significance in society and create a sense of patriotism in the country. National symbols unite citizens together in society despite the fact that they come from all occupations. Symbols have a public virtue and show the symbols to represent different important facts of a certain culture. Ancient individuals use art as a part of the symbols they use to represent their heritage. Every country in the world has its own kind of symbols that they regard as vital. The symbols are official to the citizen and they represent vital things in society. For example, the dragon in Wales has a significant meaning to the natives. The lei of Hawaii has a meaning of the minds of most individuals in the country. Symbols are recognizable because people need to identify themselves with their communities. Flags are one of the symbols that people use to identify themselves. At the Olympics, athletes use national flags to identify themselves. The flags of different nations are flown high during the medal ceremony. It indicates the importance the flags have on the athletes. Athletes wear Tracksuits that represent the colors of their country’s flag. During these ceremonies, individuals are emotionally indicating the importance of the lags. The symbols bring a feeling of satisfaction to the athletes after they win a medal for their country.The adoption of the national flag of South Africa was in 1994. The design of the flag in the middle has&nbsp.a “V” form that flows into a single horizontal band. The horizontal design in the middle continues to the outer edge. Locals of the country interpret it to mean that there is a convergence of elements that identify the South African community members. In addition to the flag, South Africa has other symbols that characterize the country. The design of the South African flag represents the colors of their former rulers. Black, yellow, and green colors have a deeper meaning. The red color stands for the bloodshed during the fight for independence. The green color stands for the land as a resource, crucial for development. The flag has a Y facing sideways as a symbol of the newly formed nation. The South African coast of arms is an emblem that represents the highest symbol in the country.


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[SOLVED] The Significance of National Symbols
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