[SOLVED] The Semai of Malaysia

Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Semai of Malaysia. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. But at times, the Semai community practice a mixed system of arboriculture, shifting cultivations, hunting and gathering. In general, they practice hunting and horticultural farming. The main crop that is grown by Semai of Malaysia is rice. at times they plant arrowroots, grapes and corns in their farms (Jennings, 1995).The Semai community is living in densely forested mountains. The horticulture they practice is non- mechanized, which is a non-intensive form of plant cultivation performed non- repetitively on a plot of land. The Semai people live in ‘Kampangs’ (close villages) close to their farms and during planting seasons they head back to the forest to go and hunt for the rest of the year. They have low population densities, which has made them be scattered in different parts of the huge farms and be able to practice shifting cultivation (Robarcheck, 1979).When such horticultural factors are done, the families are grouped in scattered clusters moving from one location to another. They are known by anthropologists for their behavior which is non- aggressiveness and aversion to interpersonal violence of any kind. The relationship is that married men do not batter their wives, nor beat their parents. Children are not allowed to engage in activities like fights, physical assaults and murder which are virtually unknown to the community. In moving the horticulturalists are immobile as forages that may control rearing among is not strictly within their culture as is with forages. The majority of the children help their parents with providing labor in the fields enhancing productivity (Fix, 1990).The Semai community practice what is referred to as generalized reciprocity which means they can exchange goods and services without having any track or measurements of the exact value of what they have traded.


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[SOLVED] The Semai of Malaysia
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