[SOLVED] The Life of Nelson Mandela

Create a thesis and an outline on Sociology across the Life Course, Nelson Mandela. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Mandela was born in the royal family of Thembu dynasty in a nation heavily dominated by white colonialism. He was very fortunate among his peers to attend school. Mandela’s name locally translated into a “troublemaker”, and his teacher decided to name him “Nelson” so that he may not emulate the meaning of his former name. The teacher never comprehended that in a few years down the line, Mandela would become one of the country’s greatest trouble-maker in his dynamic quest to transform the ideologies of the ruling white minority.During his childhood days, Mandela was a peace-loving person, but over the course of his lifetime, he was forced by circumstances to make difficult decisions in order to accomplish his ultimate goal of establishing a democratic society in South Africa. For example, while ANC initially adopted non-violence policy in the fight for freedom, with time Mandela discerned that the movement could be forced to re-assess its effectiveness. Eventually, the movement accepted the use of violence as an effective strategy for achieving the goals and objectives. Mandela was sent to Meltdown School and later transferred to Fort Hare University, a journey during which he discovered the need for education as a critical tool for comprehending his people’s history and culture, as well as the history of other groups of people in South Africa and beyond. Throughout his schooling days, Mandela maintained a longing thirst for knowledge, eventually completing his final degree while in prison, and proceeding with his studies during his long years under imprisonment at the notorious Robben Islands.Due to his belief in the power of education, Mandela was very instrumental in persuading fellow prisoners to continue with their academic endeavours to the extent that the prison warders nicknamed his prison block as the “Mandela University.” (Mandela, 1994).&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] The Life of Nelson Mandela
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