[SOLVED] The History of Tattoos in the USA

Compose a 2250 words assignment on the history of tattoos in the usa. Needs to be plagiarism free! Using tattoos for decorating the skin has been a practice in many societies in the past. For a long time in the history of the USA, tattoos were considered dangerous. Not many people in the American society accepted the tattoos. However, this mindset has seen a change over the decades. Nowadays, tattoos are equally popular among people of all ages in the USA. Americans have become quite welcoming towards the tattoos. Sportsmen, movie celebrities and TV stars carry their tattoos. This paper reviews the history of tattoos in the USA.Tattoos were an essential element of the culture of the indigenous Americans even before the place was recognized as the United States of America. Natives of the North America have a history of associating tattooing with magic and religion. They used tattoos as an insignia of passage at the rituals of puberty. The Sioux used to believe that after death of the warriors, their spirits rode ghostly horses to the lodges of the world hereafter. On their way to the lodges, an old woman stopped them and asked them to show her their tattoos. Those, that did not have tattoos on their skin, were returned by the old woman to the physical world where they had to wander around like ghosts. Tattooing has also been used as a therapeutic practice by certain tribes in the USA. The Ojibwa believed that people suffering from toothaches and headaches were controlled by malevolent spirits and the only way to rescue them was tattooing their cheeks and foreheads. The tattooing ceremonies of these tribes were incomplete without the songs and performances associated with the demons’ expulsion. Tattooing has also been used in the history of the USA as an honor for warriors that used to fight bravely. “In the Jesuit Relations of 1663, it was reported that an Iroquois chief known to the French as “Nero” bore on this thighs 60 tattooed characters, each of which symbolized an enemy killed with his own hand”.


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[SOLVED] The History of Tattoos in the USA
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