[SOLVED] The Definition of Love

write an article on Definition of Love. It needs to be at least 1000 words. Love is everywhere…Our eyes are sparkling. we are shining with beautiful foolish smiles if we are in love.&nbsp. No one knows whether love exists or not, everyone believes it does exist though it cannot be seen, seized or heard. Love is possible if faith in love exists. Thesis: Love is a phenomenon, which is above our feelings, perceptions, and explanations. It is of ephemeral nature and it is beyond humans’ expertise to identify love, interpret it or explain it. It is more common for people to experience it, suffer from it, live through it…What is it, actually? Love is… Definition of love To define love one can read Shakespeare, another would rather kiss for the first time… Actually, love can be considered at different levels: from lingual expression to physiological, emotional and psychological contexts (Tibbetts 1979, p. 280). When people say “I love you”, what do they really mean? In accordance with the definition from the dictionary: love is&nbsp.”a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties” (cited by Fisher 1998, p. 136).&nbsp.We would rather focus not only the essence of love but on different types of it. First of all, love can be correlated with the different meanings&nbsp.of this concept. “There’s romantic love. love between two people, which&nbsp.is considered to be both intimate and sexual” (Fisher 1998, p. 138). Love is everywhere for me. I love my family, my friends, people and animals in our world. I love reading. I love God and many other things. Actually, I feel that all these forms of love are different and I can clearly feel this difference. Moreover, I feel that love to my beloved person, my mother or my best friend are different types of this feeling. To my mind, the closest synonym to any form of love is “comfort”, “coziness”, “pleasure”…too many other synonyms can be also selected, but I would like to prefer one of these forms of synonyms (Wood 1995, p. 80). People in their relationship trying to find the golden mean. Very often there is a chance to put someone’s happiness about your own feelings. It is one of the highest prices paid for happiness. Love to another person can be the greatest treasure in the world, but you have to pay a high price for it. One should love another person above his/her flaws. Not only positive features but also negative features should be loved by a person in case they experience real love. There is a wide range of such things as anger, frustration, selfishness, happiness, longing etc. Love is a broad feeling. Nevertheless, this concept can be hardly described exactly. In accordance with one of the greatest Russian’s writers Leo Tolstoy: “Every family is happy in the same way, but every family is unhappy in a different way”. The strongest glue for a family is love. If there is no glue than there is no love in this family and it can be hardly claimed that people in the family are happy or if they are family at all. “I think that a family is a group of people united not only by blood but also by LOVE” (Huerta).&nbsp.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] The Definition of Love
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