[SOLVED] The Death of Socrates Newspaper Article

  The purpose of this mock newspaper article is to encourage you to investigate one of the most famous figures in Philosophy and the events surrounding his death.      Imagine you are an investigative journalist that has traveled back in time to cover the death of Socrates.  Write a 300-400 word mock newspaper article covering the context of this historical event.  o Who are the significant people involved? (3 points) o What happened before, during and after the trial? (3 points) o When did this event take place? (3 points) o Where did this happen? (3 points)  o Why did this happen? Why was Socrates put on trial? Why was he sentenced to death? (3 points)  o How did this happen? How did Socrates die? Describe the events that led up to the death of Socrates. (3 points)      Conclude with a discussion of the implications this event will have for future generations of philosophers.(5 points)      In addition to covering the context questions and implications for the future, your article should include:  o an effective headline (3 points) o your byline/name (2 points)  o accurate place line at the beginning of the article (3 points) o a photo that illustrates your article (2 points)  o an interesting lead sentence that captures the reader’s attention (2 points)  o at least one eyewitness quote from someone who was present at the trial or execution (3 points)  o an effective concluding sentence (2 points)       Your article should be a good example of college-level writing, including good grammar, spelling and punctuation.(10 points)      Do your best to make your article look like a real newspaper article.       Format your article as a Word document or a .PDF file.  Do not submit .pages documents.      Submit your completed article to the appropriate Dropbox in Online Campus by midnight on the due date.    Guidelines for an A+ Newspaper Article  ? Observes formal writing conventions with no grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.  ? Accurately covers each of the context questions – who, what, when, where, why and how. ? Has an effective headline.  ? Includes the writer’s byline.  ? Includes an accurate place line.  ? Includes a photo that illustrates the story.  ? Has an interesting lead sentence that captures the reader’s attention.  ? Incorporates a “quote” that might have come from an eyewitness at that time in history.  ? Includes a summation of the implications that Socrates’ death might have for future generations.  ? Has an effective concluding sentence.  ? Contains no less than 300 words.(You will lose points for having less than 300 words.)


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[SOLVED] The Death of Socrates Newspaper Article
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