[SOLVED] The Causes of Conflict

In 600 words, and drawing from the full range of primary sources for each lab, write either Lab A or Lab B. Remember, these must be formally organized essays with introductions and thesis statements that lay out the direction of the essay and identify your main argument. Then proceed with paragraphs (one main idea per paragraph), each of which develops a part of your thesis. Use the full range of primary sources assigned for that lab as evidence to back up your assertions. Lab A: English Colonists and Native Americans: The Causes of Conflict Reading Bayor, 1-6 (secondary source: historian’s account), and below (primary sources: firsthand accounts): 50-51: Powhatan to John Smith, 1609 65-67: William Bradford Describes His Encounter with Samoset, 1621 76-81: “New England’s Crisis” section in Benjamin Tompson, New England’s Crisis, 1676 51-52: Reverend Samuel Smith to Ichabod Smith, January 1698/99 124: List of Different Nations and Tribes of Indians, Early 1700s 130-31: Miami Deaths of 1732, Report of Jean-Charles d’Arnaud, 1972 Essay Evaluate the causes of conflict between Native Americans and English colonists. Under what circumstances were peace and cultural exchange possible? How and why did relations routinely turn hostile?


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[SOLVED] The Causes of Conflict
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