[SOLVED] Teenage Hoodies

Submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Teenage Hoodies: A Threat to Society or a Media-made Panic. The hoodie faces a lot of criticism from the media, politicians, and council members thereby raising the issue of un-appropriateness of the hood to the society. The essence of this day is to request an audience to schools and the community to view the hood on a different front i.e. to see the good in the hood.Therefore, on this breath, the hood has just been so much hyped by the media causing panic and unnecessary tension by what they do portray the hood as being a menace t the society. This notion that the ones wearing hoodies are to no good and are threatening to the society is a media propagated fiction that needs to be dealt with and clear the name of the hood. The hood should be a garment worn for its sole purpose of warmth and to the comfort of the one wearing it and should not be thought to be an anti-social behavior as portrayed by the media. Millions in our daily lives wear the hood and have been with us for a long time, though it has come to be misunderstood for the wrong reasons.The media bring out a totally different scenario once the stereotype of the hood finds its way to the media’s doorstep and at that moment the dangers and threats the hood brings to society are held with a rather different magnitude. But, are hoodies to the best of our knowledge a threat as the media makes us believe? The negative stories released and portrayed by the press are the key causes of the negative perception of the hoodie by society. The media are the fastest, and the easiest way to convey information to the society and information is integrated by the people and the way that information is put is the way the society understands it. The media refer to the hoodie as ‘louts’, ‘frightening’, and ‘threatening’ and when such words describe a garment, the society will obviously panic.The media have been quoted several times and researchers have&nbsp.conclusively admitted that even in situations that crime was committed and still there was no evidence of hoodies, the media’s headlines and columns would quote the ‘hoodie’ involvement. This will directly build stigma to the people wearing hoodies with this association to negative attributes and a lot of panic to the general public. Most of the media houses are always competing, and the issue of hoods in an attempt to outdo each other, the journalists will use the most exaggerated words to bring out this issue.


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[SOLVED] Teenage Hoodies
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