[SOLVED] State-Sponsored Terrorism

Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: State-Sponsored Terrorism or How the current governmental policies promote terrorism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Just like the notion of equating the actions of the military forces with terror mentioned above, somepeople liken any governmental powers and authorities over a certain population as similar to terrorism. This view toooutlines what is terrorism and what is not terrorism, as it raises results over intentions. Suppression of violence by personnel of law enforcement may in fact make some of the groups (rioters) into fear and violence, other than the intention of protecting the larger civil law (Hoffman 41). On the other hand, the privilege of legitimized riots’ abuse of governmental authorizes refers to a crime. However, there are situations when state government becomes involved and associated with terrorism, or even use terror approach to achieve the goals of individual or government rulers (Hoffman 205). Most frequently, terrorism relatesto groups or “non-state actors”, which take no part in a sovereign regime. However, nation’s internal security forces sometime use terror for repressing disagreements, and military or intelligence organizations carry out actions of terror intended to further a nation’s diplomatic or policy efforts abroad (Hoffman 234). A government that belongs to the United States sometimes may apply terror actions and terrorism while trying to increase the rate of their engagement of American forces. Oppression through terrorism over the indigenous groups in countries may take place against internal insurrection and dissent that America might exploit (Sharma 180). Armed forces special operations tools and nations intelligence operatives might carry on terrorist actions against United States interests in theater and in abroad countries as far as their capabilities can allow. Finally, violence against the United States homeland might be under control of state sponsored terrorism groups or even funded domestic proxies (Sharma 357).Three varying ways that a state can involve in the use of terror attacks include State or government terror, nation engaging in terror, and nation sponsorship of terrorist groups. State or governmental terrorism sometimes refers to “terrorism from above”, whereby a certain state government terrorizes its own citizens to repress or control them.The government may decide to implement some policies that citizens disagree by force an act that people refer to as government or state terrorism (Sharma 191). These terror actions normally comprise acknowledgement of government’s policies, and involves the use of government institutions such as police, judiciary, military, and some other governmental agencies. Amendments of legal permits, torture, killing, property destruction in recreation of government policiesleads to terrorism. After assumingsupremacy, Nazi policy aimed at destructing the state’s enemies and the consequential intimidation among the rest of the country’s population. The 1930s Stalin’s “purges” are examples showing the use of the state’s machinery to terrorize populations (Sharma 182). The methods Stalin used to comprise such terror actions as pushing family members or friends of any suspect enemies who were against the regime, fixed show trials for all opponents, and extra use of military or police force against the opposing population.


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[SOLVED] State-Sponsored Terrorism
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