[SOLVED] Social Structure and Social Interaction

Write an article on social structure and social interaction as a social problem Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The particular type of behaviour is dependent upon the various locations in the social structure, which previously did not exist as a social problem but in the present day possess as a major challenge in the societyA very big relationship between the social structure of a given society and the social interaction that accompanies it respectively exist as a social problem in the current society. In the earlier years of 1970, when the society was guided and ruled by various norms, social structure and interactions were seen to be the main principles that guided character and behaviour (Loseke, 2011). In the present day, it is a source of deterioration of character and behaviour in modern society. However, some questions remain unanswered. Why can the social structure not solemnly exist and standalone as a holder of societal values and norms? Why social interactions exist as attributes of the basic elements of the social structure? What happens when there is an absence of a defined social structure? What can lead to the decadence of social interaction? These, therefore, form some of the basic queries brought up in a particular area of research and study. The social structure consists of various aspects of culture that people have been born and bred to believe in (Calhoun, 2012).There exist various values and beliefs in which society has a great source of esteem. Moreover, various aspects of the gestures, behaviours and the language of use highly determine the main social structure and the various modes of interactions that will exist in the various society members. So, how did Social Structures and Social Interactions come to be regarded as a social problem?In an attempt to find the interrelationship between the two paradigms, society exists as a strong network that has various cultural values and practices (Rose, 2013).&nbsp.These specific norms govern the existence of the various attitudes and habits that the various societal members adopt in their lives (Rowlingson, 2011).&nbsp.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] Social Structure and Social Interaction
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