[SOLVED] Service Capabilities Vignettes

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on service capabilities vignettes. The services have the capability to operate in any threat environment expanded warfare capability on both lands and at sea thus a good way to provide operational freedom. The Naval services have a composition and capabilities of major deployment elements. These elements are the Carrier Strike Group, Ambitious Ready Group, Surface Strike Group, and Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force. The Carrier Strike Group offers its services in all threat environments. It has the capability to offer full support in a non-permissive environment. This is because it has all the anti-ship missiles, ballistic missiles, fighter aircraft, electromagnetic jammers, cruise missile-equipped surface combatants and submarines. These war weapons ensure that the group has the force power to offer great services in time of any crisis.&nbsp.The Amphibious Ready Group consist of three amphibious ships with naval elements, a fleet of surgical team which offers medical capabilities, Tactical Air Control Squadron and both displacement and non-displacement landing crafts. The Surface Strike Group capabilities support crisis response missions or sustained missions and may employ in limited non-permissive environments characterized by multiple threats. In this case, therefore, it offers passive surveillance and tracking, passive defense and early warning, strike operations, and sea control. It is equipped with three surface ships: two-strike capable surface combatants and one surface combatant ship. With this equipment, the Surface Strike Group’s capabilities include maritime ballistic missile defense. The Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force has forty ships that act as supply lines to the U.S. Navy ships at sea. Ideally, the group provides everything to the Navy fleet to remain at sea, on station and combat ready for extended periods. In addition, it conducts towing, rescue and salvage operations. With such capabilities, they can support initial crisis response missions in non-permissive environments characterized by multiple threats. Algeria is an uncertain environment because its Islamic militia wants to overturn the government as well as intrude into the Moroccan territory. This means it does not support any US military services.The army services play a critical role in any type of calamity. It protects its people as well as the resources that are of great interest to the people. Title 10 USC is an army inside an army that has the land combat and service forces. It offers prompt and sustained combat incident to operations on land. Therefore, it responsible for the preparation of all land forces necessary for the effective prosecution of the war.The army is organized into three Army Commands (TRADOC, FORSCOM, and AMC), nine other commands that are Army Service Component Commands (ASCC) of unified or sub-unified combatant commands and eleven direct reporting units.Army Service Component Command or rather the Theater Army is responsible for organizing, equipping, training, maintaining and logistically sustaining the army forces. It has the capability to maneuver large land-force weaponry during offensive attacks thus capable of long-range strategic and operational missions. The maturity of the theater always has a great influence on the army capabilities because it determines how the army force will operate. It, therefore, will be based as the Joint task Force- capable headquarters to control all the forces for effectiveness.The Army commands include the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, U.S. Army Material Command and U.S. Army Forces Command.


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[SOLVED] Service Capabilities Vignettes
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