[SOLVED] Security, Audit and Compliance

Submit a 3250 words paper on the topic Security, Audit and Compliance. Processing refers to the whole process of acquiring, putting down or storing the facts and doing operations on it (Bott 2005: 183).The increasing challenges in the flow of information call for a rigid mechanism for regulating the exchange of personal data. Measures have to be enforced to ascertain that the use of different forms of data processing like the closed-circuit television (CCTV), does not infringe on the rights of the data subjects, by ensuring the proper handling of the data. To this effect, the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 of the UK was formed. Data controllers are required to adhere strictly to this Act. Section 55A to 55E of the Act allows the Information Commissioner to issue a monetary penalty notice to data controllers who breach the regulations of the Act. Principles of the Act guide the data controllers on how to manage the data. However, the data protection laws alone may not effectively apply to businesses making use of CCTV surveillance. General sound recorded by the CCTV in the public though intrusive is not considered personal and therefore not covered by the UK case laws. The motivation for the formation of the Act was to regulate the handling of the data, which has been successful despite a few shortcomings. It would be recommended that the Act be amended towards the sealing of the limitations regarding the handling of CCTV data. Advancement in telecommunications technology is an indication that the surveillance will continue improving. The improvements will mean that data controllers will have an uphill task in containing the challenges which may result from the improvements.Data forms a critical part of any organization. Precautions, therefore, have to be taken on how the data is handled and managed, bearing in mind that some data is personal, and the owners have rights for protection.


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[SOLVED] Security, Audit and Compliance
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