[SOLVED] School, Media and Technology

Write an essay answering the following prompts: 1. Name, describe, and comment on (based on personal experience) at least three of Gatto’s “seven lessons” (1 page) 2. Summarize Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk, and then comment on the extent to which you believe his ideas would make a difference in contemporary education. (1page) 3. Who is responsible i society to redeem poverty-stricken schools: the neighborhood, the government or the family? (1 page) 4. Summarize Marche’s argument in “Is Facebook Making Us lonely”, and then comment on the extent to which you agree with him. (1page) 5. In Lawler’s interview with Kevin Kelly, Kelly says that he doesn’t believe that technology is neutral. What does he mean by that (based on the inteview)? Do you agree or disagree, and why? (1page) 6. Jean Kilbourne suggest that advertising images have a powerful impact on how humans view themselves and others. Referencing her short YouTube video, do you agree and/or disagree with her, and why? (1page)


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[SOLVED] School, Media and Technology
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