[SOLUTION] Research Paper based on Interview

The first one is the instruction 1 –  (however at this point when the semester is almost and we need to focus only on the main part which is to do/make up an interview following the guide provided in the prompt. Gather some (even fictional) information about (fictional) person we are interviewing.   – From the “interview” choose one specific topic that we are interested about and make a research on that topic.   – While writing the paper we have to use the experience/ story or answers given by the person we are interviewing. We could use any of the countries provided in the prompt but the best choice would be Haiti and a person who is over 50yo.  Topic is totally up to you,  depending on the “interview”  The second: I also have provided the sample of the questions that would be asked to the person we are interviewing, these are only sample questions and could be asked some different questions too, so we can use the answers in our research paper. The last: I have also uploaded the 2 sample writings that our paper should look like, so you can read it and have a better understanding  P.S You don’t need to use very specific/hard  language, because English is not my first language. Thank you


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[SOLUTION] Research Paper based on Interview
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