[SOLVED] Reasons for Low Motivation

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic reasons for low motivation. According to McClelland’s theory, each employee has one of the three motivation drivers that are dominant in him or her depending on their personal aspects. Bruce’s main driving force is achievement. He would like recognition of the work he is doing at the hotel and being rewarded for it. Working twelve hours a shift requires a better pay or at least another demand since, according to Adams Equity theory, Money is not the main factor of motivation but recognition and appreciation is. Bruce’s next source of dissatisfaction in the workplace presents itself in the lack of equity in how the hotel treats its employees. Jeanette Smith, a colleague who joined the hotel at the same time as he and with the same qualifications has been sponsored to take HND in the hotel and catering. Bruce was also promised the same sponsorship during recruitment, but no follow-up has been made. Worse still, whenever he approaches the supervisor, he is put off using flimsy excuses about being busy or is told to bring the topic up the following year. This is contrary to what is advocated for in Sirota’s three-factor theory.&nbsp.This is what makes Bruce bitter. From this incident of sponsoring Jeanette and leaving Bruce out despite the promise made to him during the interview, it is evident that the organization does not keep its promises and commitments. Theory X/Y as advanced by McGregor classifies such as an organization in the X class. Organizations in the X class usually withheld likes (the sponsorship) and did not deliver on promises. The organization is not concerned about the staff welfare and morale and is instead focussed on one goal, which was to reap maximum benefits from the customers. When Bruce was summoned to the HR department, he was informed that ‘the customers were always right’ the implication of this statement is that the organization does not care about its employees at all and is willing to subject them to all manners of ill-treatment if only to make a profit. Another characteristic of theory X organization and indeed the Ambrose hotel is being poor listeners since they did not listen to what Bruce had to say about the incidence. This kind of organization issue threats to get things done and Bruce was treated no differently. The organization should have focussed on how to avoid recurrence of the incidence rather the blaming Bruce for the whole incidence. This would save them a potential customer and employee loss. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the ideal workplace should provide an individual with the opportunity to advance, in their career in relation to levels four and 5 of his theory. Ambrose hotel was instead curtailing Bruce from advancement through overworking him and withholding the promised sponsorship.&nbsp.An employee is able to deliver on the organizational goals when he feels that he has the right skills to carry out his responsibilities. Bruce is also having problems with his personal life. This is backed up by the fact that he has not paid his rent yet, which is on level one of the hierarchy of needs according to Maslow.


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[SOLVED] Reasons for Low Motivation
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