[SOLVED] Public Health

Write an article on public health issue Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Obesity is a growing health issue among both developed and underdeveloped countries. There has been an increase in the number of obese people according to most studies conducted on this topic. This has been attributed to a changing lifestyle in today’s community. While there are those who argue that obesity is not a public health issue, this report will work on the assumption that obesity is a public health issue considering the fact that increasing number of people are susceptible to this disease and this is the leading non-communicable disease that has led to an increase in mortality rate.The report aims to represent the problem of obesity, its causes, and its effects. It will uncover the public policy in England with regard to obesity and the situation in England regarding obesity. Also, recommendations developed by the World Health Organization would be discussed and finally, recommendations specific to England would be presented.In a recent article published by Paul Zollinger-Read in The Guardian, the writer sheds light on the fact that obesity is a growing problem that is increasing at an alarming rate and is offset by an increase in fast-food restaurants around the world. This article further goes on to explain despite the awareness that fast food is not healthy food, people continue to eat them as they present an easy and quick food option.I am interested in the issue as I am becoming increasingly concerned about the food intake of the world. While malnutrition is growing throughout the world, this is another kind of malnutrition that is leading to bigger health issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, an increase in mortality rate, and osteoarthritis. Fast food consumption is not the only contributor to this health issue, there are other problems as well such as low physical activity and excessive food intake combined with hereditary traits. I am particularly interested in this disease because it is one of the leading preventable diseases that are contributing to increasing death rates in not just adults but also children.This report will discuss the negative implications of obesity. It will look at obesity prevalent in England and how national policy and WHO recommendations and directives are contributing to a healthier society in terms of the obesity issue. The report will lastly provide recommendations taking into account the condition prevalent in England.


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[SOLVED] Public Health
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