[SOLVED] Psychological Effects of Women and Men In Hip Hop/Rap

Your topic should be both substantive and defensible. That means that what you are writing about is meaningful and that you can argue a position. As you write, consider the following questions to guide you. Some of these you may need to answer explicitly in your paper, while others may only help you in the pre-writing phase. I am not grading you based on these being explicitly answered in your paper and these should not be a template for your paper’s format. 1.     Why is this question important? Who benefits from this knowledge? 2.     What style(s) of popular music are most impacted by what you are studying? Are certain musicians/fans/people more impacted than others and why? 3.     What is musically important to your discussion? Think about the terms and concepts discussed in class to help answer your research question. 4.     What non-musical concepts are important to your argument? *Your final bibliography MUST ALSO INCLUDE all recordings you mention in your paper. Cite the original album and where you found it (Youtube, Spotify, etc). Many times, musicians record a piece more than once, and I need to know which recording you’re talking about. This deadline only concerns written sources. @Wikipedia is awesome, but it does not belong in your bibliography. Frequently those articles are written by experts and they include a lot of good sources in their bibliography. The sources cited on Wikipedia DO belong in your bibliography! Wikipedia is a great starting point for your research, but it must go farther.  Formatting: Papers should be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, with margins a MAXIMUM of 1” and spacing a MAXIMUM of 1.5. There should be no spaces between your paragraphs. Citations can be in any style you choose so long as you are consistent (I suggest Chicago).


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[SOLVED] Psychological Effects of Women and Men In Hip Hop/Rap
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