[SOLVED] Provision of Mental Health Care

Provide a 3 pages analysis while answering the following question: Provision of Mental Health Care, Diagnosis and Treatments in Learning Institutions. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The purpose of the program is to provide mental health care to people who might not have access to it and those who might be shy to access the services in hospitals. Psychiatric nursing has three main goals, which are keeping the patient safe, stabilizing symptoms, and promoting engagement in treatment (Damon et al., 2012). To promote the later I feel we need to take the health care to those who cannot access it and to those who might be afraid of accessing it in health care facilities. This program will ensure that everyone in those institutions is diagnosed of any mental illness of psychiatric disorder. The program will provide health care and diagnosis without charging any amount of money to the patient and thus we expect to have even the residents living around the targeted learning institutions to come for the services. Our target population is the adolescent and young adults who might need behavioral and psychiatric treatments. We will be accessing this people close to their residential places using the learning institutions in those areas therefore it will be a form of residential treatment. According to Sharfstein et al. (2009), this kind of treatment has proven to be effective especially in treating drug and substance abuse. As a result, we expect it to be effective in treating mental health ailments and psychiatric disorders since most of them are related to substance abuse. Our target population is the adolescent and the young adults that is why we decided to use the learning institutions to administer our program. This program is expected to help us in ensuring that we have a mentally healthy population in our learning institutions and the areas surrounding them. By doing so, we would improve the learning conditions in those institutions for both the students and the educators. As a result, we will be able to achieve a more productive society in those areas. Moreover, by ensuring a mentally healthy population, we expect to reduce the crime rates in those institutions and areas surrounding them significantly. Mental health and physical health are interconnected and one of them directly depends on the other (UOP, 2006). Therefore, in improving the mental health of people in those areas we expect to improve their physical health, which will improve the way they undertake their day-to-day activities. We expect that every person in the area where the program will be administered will benefit either directly or indirectly through improved living conditions. The program will not cost much since we will be using public facilities, which are the learning institutions to administer our program. However, we will need to incur some cost for the allowances of the psychiatric nursing professions who will be involved in the program and the equipment and treatments to be used during the program. We expect to use about $ 20,000 according to our budgetary estimates for transport and allowances of the professions involved. Another $ 10,000 will be needed to buy or hire the equipment to be used during the program and $ 15,000 for the drugs to be used in the treatments during the program. This makes our budgetary estimates for this program to be about $ 45,000. This can be funded in bits but we will need about $ 20,000 at the start of the program.


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[SOLVED] Provision of Mental Health Care
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