[SOLVED] Project Portfolio Management Concepts

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Project Portfolio Management Concepts. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. His essay shall identify 4 articles that address Project Portfolio management and then evaluate the quality and utility of each. However, the subject matter shall focus on the article considered to be bearing the highest quality and utility. The following 4 articles were chosen for the analysis: How to Implement management of Portfolio within 100 days, Craig Kilford, N.Y: Stationery Office, 2013. Internet resource {http://www.best-management-practice.com/gempdf/How_to_implement_MoP_ONS_Case_Study.pdf} The author of this article, Craig Kilford has worked as an Interim Deputy Director of Portfolio Management in the office for the National Statistics. He is also a regular blogger at www.MrPortfolioManagement.com. He is also a motivational speaker at various business conferences. His achievements in the field of Portfolio invoke the public to catch his writings. In the article ‘How to implement management of Portfolio within 100 days,’ Craig tells the audiences about the do’s and don’ts which they practiced when their organization, the Office for National Statistics intended to implement a Project for managing a Portfolio within a period of a hundred days. He highlights the position of the ONS before the implementation, the journey towards delivering the portfolio, the unit model for delivering the portfolio, the portfolio Governing model and the future of the ONS. Craig also highlights the top 8 requirements that are crucial for the implementation of the Project Portfolio Management within a period of 100 days. Project Portfolio Management, Gartner, N. J: Wiley, 2013. Internet Resource. {http://www.gartner.com/it/content/911400/911412/project_portfolio_mgmt_excerpt.pdf} This article does not highlight the achievement s of the author, but it seem to be focused on its subject matter: Project Portfolio management: A view from the management trenches. The article highlights the features of a successful Project Management Portfolio, the methods of optimizing the capacity of an organization, the checkpoints of a good Project Management Portfolio, how to incorporate changes in to a Project Management Portfolio, the Project Management Portfolio tiers, the areas to put up a Project Management Portfolio, the period and reasons when a Project Management Portfolio should be established, the foundational principles and tools for establishing a Project Management Portfolio. The articles targets the business community as its primary audiences, however, the interested public would also find the message to be vital. Project Portfolio Management:Metrics that Work, James C. B., 2012. Internet Resource. {http://www.bw.edu/academics/cpd/forums/Project_Portfolio_Management_March_2011.pdf} There is no clear information about the author, James Brown. Howevr, he is the current manager of the Research Portfolio Managing Officer of the Pionner Hi-Bred International.


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[SOLVED] Project Portfolio Management Concepts
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