[SOLVED] Presidential Elections

The written assignment will be a 2-3 page report on a Presidential election which took place in the year 1920 or later. The paper will cover four aspects of the election. 1. The Nomination Process. You are to discus how the democratic party and the republican party went about nominating their respective candidates for president and vice-president. Who were some of the candidates vying for the democratic party’s presidential nomination? Who were some of the candidates vying for the republican party’s presidential nomination? Who did the two parties nominate for president and vice-president? Where and when did the democrats and republicans hold their respective nominating conventions? On which ballot did they nominate their candidates for president and vice-president. 2. The General Election Campaign Which issues were important in the election? Did any events take place which influenced the outcome of the election?  3. Election Results Which candidate won? Why do you think this candidate was elected? How many popular votes did the democratic and republican candidates each receive? How many electoral votes did each candidates receive? Which states did each candidate win? Which candidate won Texas? What percentage of the popular vote in Texas did the democratic and republican candidate receive? 4. Discuss the outcome of the congressional elections? Which party won control of the House of Representatives? Which party won control over the Senate? Name one person who was elected to Congress from Texas that year.


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[SOLVED] Presidential Elections
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