[SOLVED] Practical Consciousness as the Constitution of Society

Write an article on the practical consciousness as the constitution of society Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The purpose of the writer is to identify the difference of practical consciousness from the other two consciousness: discursive and unconscious. Giddens’ argument is centered on the role of motivation and cognition in influencing the practical level of consciousness. Giddens acknowledges routinization as the principal approach in his structuration theory and asserts the relation of motivation in Goffman’s assumption of co-presence. Furthermore, Goffman’s positioning of the body is related to the theory of Giddens, which is supported by the time-space concept of Hagerstrand that focuses on the constraint imposed on the agent’s body and the environment where the action takes place. The spatial approach seemed important in the social theory of Giddens, especially the regionalization wherein the local setting is intended for communication among agents. The social institution and its practices examined by Willis have an impact on Giddens’ study. The author analyses the relation of the educational system to the actions and consequences of the actors (Giddens, 1984, pp.xxiii-xxv).Practical consciousness, as the central theme of Giddens’ reconceptualization of social theory grounded with the formulation of structuration theory, corresponds to the idea that human actors are knowledgeable of the rules that drive them to perform actions. In his book, The Constitution of Society, Giddens attenuates of breaking the normative method of constructing theory, but objectivity and subjectivity are necessary for the interpretation of structuration theory. Ritzer (2005, p.322) states that the “dissatisfaction on the divide of objectivist and subjectivist explanations of social phenomena” prompted Giddens in structuring an approach. Objectivism treats human agents as controlled subjects or puppets that are under the creativity of the theorist, while subjectivism annihilates actors from the framework of their social life. This has been the observation of Giddens from the previous works of the classical theorist, which affects his judgment on the macro and micro-sociological theories. The dissatisfaction of Giddens leads to the duality of structure wherein he iterates that despite the “transformation into structural principles, sets, and properties — rules and resources are produced and reproduced by agents” who rationalize their communication (Turner, 1986, p.973). Thus, the human actors tacitly monitor their actions, which construe the assertion of Sica (1986, p.345) on the comprehension of human actors on the environment that molds their action and of others.


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[SOLVED] Practical Consciousness as the Constitution of Society
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