[SOLVED] Polygamy in Post Industrial Society

Write an article on Is Polygamy a Good Option for a Post Industrial Society. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The counter-argument put forward by many supporters of this institution and feminists are detailed briefly, in the following paragraphs.Polygamy has the basis in masculine superiority, as, under this system, men possess women. In fact, in societies that allow polygamy, for example, followers of Islam, the female spices are always under siege of men since their birth, be it their father, brother or husband. It indicates clearly that women do not enjoy even the basic fundamental rights of individual freedom in such societies. This clearly means that polygamy is not about having the right to choose the sexual life partner or partners, but it is all about having power and control of men over women. In addition, it does not give the same freedom to women for choosing their sex life, which was possible if polyandry was also made legal along with polygamy. (5)There is a financial burden attached to the institution of polygamy, as often a single man is not able to support the lifestyle of his different wives. This leads to an additional burden on the state finances. Often, women under such a system are not allowed to work outside their home, and hence there is no additional income for the family. In addition, men always feel insecure about the fidelity of their women partners, as they fear she will try to satisfy her sexual urge outside the marriage. (5)As Polygamy literally means more than one wife for a male, the result of such marriages is disastrous for the women and progeny born out of such marriages. The women become sex slaves in their own household and their children have to fight for their rights, which depend on the favors received by respective mothers from the single father. In addition, young girls are married off to older men as their fourth, fifth or even tenth wife. This makes them sexually vulnerable, as their sex hunger remains unsatisfied.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] Polygamy in Post Industrial Society
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