[SOLVED] Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Create a thesis and an outline on Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Therefore, my main health and nutrition problems are to more adequately meet the recommended nutrition standards and to increase and refine my physical activity and training routines.In response to the overriding concerns I hold regarding the identified health and nutrition problems, there are a number of more specific goals to be achieved within these parameters. The first goal is the nutritional goal of meeting my recommended servings of food. In these regards, the MyPyramid tracker data was extremely helpful. The second goal is also nutritionally related. namely, I would like to alter my eating patterns and restructure my lifestyle to a point where I can adhere to a more structured nutritional plan. In reviewing my nutritional deficits I realized that for the most part (although not always) my intentions are to consume healthy and balanced meals, but because of the time restrictions placed upon me by outside commitments I often must sacrifice and eat less healthy food than I would prefer. It follows that in order to achieve more balanced nutritional levels I would need to work on restricting my eating habits so that I can achieve these goals. My third goal is to work towards increasing my fitness level. While I already a highly active individual I recognize that there is even more room for me to increase my fitness levels. In these regards, I would also like to develop a more structured physical training routine. Currently, my routine consists of primarily basketball and running, and I recognize that it would be beneficial for me to incorporate more strength training into my fitness routine for overall health and wellness benefits. Finally, my fourth goal is to lose weight. While my fitness level is high, I recognize that there are aspects of my nutrition and physical activity that can be restructured so that I can better work towards losing weight.


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[SOLVED] Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan
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