[SOLVED] Organized Crimes

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic theories and thesis. All these different criminal patterns develop their own financial, social and political bases of strength and power (Varese, 2010). The problems presented by organized crimes The problems of examining organized crime start when the analysis of the threats, risks, sizes and impacts prevails. Also, determining the illegal markets and money laundering by the organized gang is difficult to estimate (Varese, 2010). These problems are difficult to handle because they involve measuring exceeding many different things and too many political issues engage in organized crime and gangs. There is also a remarkably thin line between the legitimate and illegitimate markets. thus, the size of one market overlaps partially with the other. The organized crimes are also grouping and fragmenting themselves. they are like a mutating gene and any estimate will not bring about the necessary results (Mallory, 2011). Organized criminal activities are also difficult to prosecute. This is because some of the crimes are expensive to investigate and involve even nations. Some crimes are also not prohibited in some nations that might be neighboring. These crimes can spill over if there is loose border protection. As a result of appreciation in the community where they operate, most of the organized crimes receive protection from the law enforcers (Varese, 2010). Most countries also have not developed strategic management and prosecution laws to stop the emergence, development and growth of organized crime. The Relationships between Organized Crimes Illegal crime groups usually join hands to ensure that they thrive. These relationships formed with each other can be dissolved any time, and new affiliations crafted. Each group can even break down to smaller operating units, totally independent from the previous ones. The organized gangs like Black Disciples adjust their operations to allow another gang smuggling guns to use their system. This arrangement allows the gun smugglers to sell the guns at a discounted price to Black Disciples (Mallory, 2011). The mafia also provides sharp- shooters, hit men, and enforcers to other branches or other groups at a price. This covers-up the crime and makes it difficult to be traced to the offender. Organized crime also ensures enormous benefit to the community involved. They organize parties or charity work to show that they benefit and give back to the society in exchange for the crimes they commit. The Black Disciples used to keep black money to the black people in the black market (Varese, 2010). The leadership of the organized crime also ensured that the group activities involve politicians in the city involved. This is to keep the organized crime in a position where they can do their work. The organized criminal gangs provide money, and the willing officers agree to protect them by either allowing their operation or destroying the evidence. Legal Limitations associated with combating organized crimes Most governments have tried to combat organized crime by enacting laws that prevent, prohibit and discourage organized crimes. Prosecution of organized crime has also posed a problem to law enforces. An example is the inability of the Federal Government to sentence Al Capone for selling alcohol during prohibition and instead jailing him for averting income tax (Albanese, 2010).


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[SOLVED] Organized Crimes
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