[SOLVED] Organisational Change Management

Submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Organisational Change Management. The decision made, the way it should be implement and other aspects D2 will have to deal with, are analysed and explained with respect to the 5D framework. Although the decision and plan made seems to be a feasible one, its implementation and execution is of utmost importance. A regular and continuous feedback, assessment and if required, change of plan accordingly will be the key to survival of D2 Introduction This analysis is of a car components manufacturing company called D2. D2 is a France based company. It has many plants. Two are based in France, one in UK and additional plants in Spain. Since operations D2 has put in an extra effort to increase shareholder value and achieve a formidable return on its investments. This has been made possible by investing in new technology and encouraging innovation with respect to the manufacturing of products. D2 managed a competitive position in the market of manufacturing automobile parts while competing with even those manufacturing companies that were based in a low cost country. Ever since the economic recession has hit, the situation has changed drastically. The economic downturn has forced D2 to change it strategy and now produce fewer products and benefits from economies of scale rather than producing a whole variety of products. Secondly D2 is now more focused on cutting costs which may lead to plant closure and redundancy of staff. This is a major concern for both, the employees and management. However, the decision is yet to be announced. Appreciative Inquiry: The 5D approach Appreciative inquiry is a method of solving a problem. This was pioneered by David Cooperrider in the mid-1980s. from the Case Western Reserve University. This method can be best understood by understanding the meaning of both of the words The first word, Appreciation,&nbsp.refers to the recognition of contributions or attributes of people and things that surround us. The second word, Inquiry, refers to&nbsp.the act of exploring and discovering. This reflects on the attitude of being open to any new possibilities. Combining both words together means that with the help of appreciating and acknowledging what is valuable and good with respect to the present situation. We may be able to discover the future in a positive manner. Using Appreciative Inquiry: The 5D Approach It is important to focus on the positives while applying such approach. A positive approach may help in building on ones strengths, just as conventional problem-solving may lead to minimizing ones weaknesses. Hence it is important to consider that the strategy under consideration by D2 is a feasible one. Below is an analysis of the situation of D2 with respect of the 5D framework. The 5D framework constitutes of five elements namely, Definition: the phase in which a problem is defined Discovery: the phase in which ways to solve the problem are found Dream: the phase in which a company sets up its future objectives Design: the phase that determines how things should be implemented Destiny: the phase that sees the planning and implementation of the strategy Definition Before one can analyse a problem, the problem is to be defined. Economic downturn may suggest a precise definition of the problem faced by D2. It is important to understand what may happen to organisation when they face economic downturn or recession related problems. Many business analysts and researchers have narrated their views of such situations, a few of which are below.


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[SOLVED] Organisational Change Management
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