[SOLVED] Obesity and Clinical Practice

This paper shall discuss the thesis that childhood obesity has become one of the epidemic clinical issues with long-lasting psychological effects, which is required to be addressed with actionable strategies and specific alteration in clinical practice. Obesity is considered to be as the chief contributor towards the prevalence of global burden of disability and chronic diseases. Obesity is believed to be in serious condition with stern psychological and social magnitudes that are primarily affecting all socioeconomic groups and ages. the prime causes of a rapid upsurge of childhood obesity are nutrient-poor foods, increased energy-dense foods with high level of saturated and sugar fats. Furthermore, these causes are combined with lack of physical activity. The high rate of obesity and overweight can be the major factor for non-communicable and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, childhood obesity is significantly associated with high risk of social isolation, bullying, teasing and lessening in the quality lifestyle. This occurrence of diseases not only causes long-term mobility, but also premature mortality. The long-lasting effect of childhood obesity is required to be addressed through effective alterations in clinical practices and actionable strategies. The rapid rise of childhood obesity is considered as one of the most dominant health complications in the developed countries. The Preventive Service Task Force of United States has recommended clinicians to screen children that are aged over 6 years. The recommendations were based on providing these children with intensive and comprehensive behavioral intervention for healthier improvement on weight. The clinical outcomes for obesity are psychological, metabolic and cardiovascular outcomes.


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[SOLVED] Obesity and Clinical Practice
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