NURS6002 Walden Academic Success and Professional Development Plan

NURS6002 Walden Academic Success and Professional Development Plan NURS6002 Walden Academic Success and Professional Development Plan In this week’s Discussion you were introduced to the concept of an academic portfolio to begin building your own brand. Portfolios have value that go beyond brand-building however. An academic and professional portfolio can also help you to build your own vision and mission and establish your development goals. In this regard, a portfolio becomes yet another tool in your toolbox as you build your success. In this Assignment you will continue developing your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan by developing the fifth component: a portfolio for your academic and professional efforts. To Prepare: Consider your goals for academic accomplishments while a student of the MSN program. NURS6002 Walden Academic Success and Professional Development Plan The Assignment: Using the Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Template (attached) in which you began to work on in Week 1, and have continued working on through this course, in Part 5, you will develop a curriculum vitae (CV) based on your current education and professional background. (current education- associates and bachelors obtained in nursing, began working as a CNA when I was 14 years old and continued in medical path from CNA, LPN, to RN now going on to Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.) Write a statement identifying your professional development goals. Write a statement proposing how you might align one or more of your professional development goals with the University’s emphasis on social change. Note: Add your work for this Assignment to the original document you began in the Week 1 Assignment, which was built off of the Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Template . wk4assgncorwinc.doc ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS NURS 6002: Foundations of Graduate Study Academic and Professional Success Plan Template Prepared by: Cami Corwin This document is to be used for NURS 6002 Foundations of Graduate Study to complete Assessments 1-6. Just as importantly the document serves to organize your thoughts about planning for your academic and professional success. For specific instructions see the weekly assessment details in the course, or ask your instructor for further guidance. Week 1 |Part 1: My Academic and Professional Network I have identified and secured the participation of the following academic (at least two) and professional (at least two) individuals and/or teams to form the basis of my network. This network will help me to clarify my vision for success and will help guide me now and in the future. Directions: Complete the information below for each member of your network. For morethan four entries repeat the items below with details of your additional network member(s) in the ‘ADDITIONAL NETWORK MEMBERS’ section. NETWORK MEMBER 1 Name:Edward Irobi Title:MPH Graduate and Ph.D. in Public Health Organization:Walden University Academic or Professional:Academic Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse: Irobi has already achieved academically in the field of public health and still has a desire to continue with gaining further knowledge in the field. We share the same passion of wanting to gain a vast knowledge of helping people in society and I think he can be a great asset in my team in terms of offering knowledge in public health and combining it with nursing knowledge can provide a great academic achievement Notes: Irobi will be responsible for providing details and clarifications regarding public health. He will help me in creating a connection and familiarizer me how the filed works. Irobi has advanced skills and experience in public health and has the honors to complete a practicum in National Cancer Institute. Finally, he is willing to work and create an academic community that will help improve his experience. NETWORK MEMBER 2 Name:Ernest Strong Title:Dr. Organization:American Nurses Association Academic or Professional:Professional Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse: He is and always has been my role model in the field of nursing. He has over 30-years’ experience in the Nursing field. I selected Strong because I believe that he can create a pathway for me to achieve everything I need in a nursing career. Notes: Since he is a busy person,I think I should be prepared to find it difficult to convince him to be part of my academic progress team. However, if it is a success, I believe that he will be a great influence on my career as a HN. He can also provide information a connection to internships that will help me utilize and grow in my experience in nursing. He has already won an award of the nurse of the year something I have dreamt to achieveand I believe through his advice and interaction I can be able to do the same thing. NETWORK MEMBER 3 Name:Amanda Buechel Title:Graduate and an RN Organization: Christ Medical Centre in Oak Lawn Academic or Professional:Professional Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse: Her amazingsuccess in the field of RN is amazing considering that she only graduated in 2015. In the few years, she has been able to become a member of the American Nursing Association. He has been an elected executive consultant Nurses Association and vice president of the Student Nurses Associationin Illinois. NURS6002 Walden Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Almost everything of nursing in Illinois involves her,and it is something that people with doctorates and masters in Rn or nursing have tried to achieve without success. Therefore, the self-drive and secrets of striving can be a vital tool to help me in making me realize dreams that seem impossible. Notes: Distance might be a problem since we are in different locations. However, thanks to the power of social media and online interactions with meetings once a month is good enough for me to get the best strategies out of her. However, since she is a woman like me, I think that I can create a great academic network with her. NETWORK MEMBER 4 Name:Walden University Online Nursing Degree Program Title:School/Class Organization:Facebook Academic or Professional:Academic Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse: It offers a platform where nursing students of all category come to share their knowledge and thoughts in nursing. One can inquire almost about anything in the field of nursing and get credible and intriguing answers. There are also interesting topics and issues that are discussed in the platform. Notes: The first thing that I will do is to ask for permission to join the group and find a nursing student that can help me and guide me on the way to utilize the platform so as I can get maximum benefits from it. Also, I need to ensure that my goal of entering the group does not deviate to other unimportant issues. ADDITIONAL NETWORK MEMBERS Dr. L. Ward Ulmer, Interim President, Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences Week 2 | Part 2: Academic Resources and Strategies I have identified the following academic resources and/or strategies that can be applied to success in the nursing practice in general or my specialty in particular. Directions: In the space below Identify and describe at least three academic resources or strategies that can be applied to the MSN program, and at least threeprofessional resources that can be applied to success in the nursing practice in general or your specialty in particular. For each, explain how you intend to use these resources, and how they might benefit you academically and professionally. ACADEMIC RESOURCE/STRATEGY 1 A smart phone application for MSN program is a critical resource that supports one success. Smartphone applications enable students to search for wide arrays of information and acquire many important concepts. In a study conducted by pew internet & American life project data, it was reported that more than 53% of Americans use smartphones. As a result, smartphone applications are critical resource for msn students (Billings & Halstead, 2015). To support their learning, students should consider downloading these applications that include pill identifier by, Davis mobile NCLEX-RN Med-Surg, and pocket body. Davis mobile NCLEX-RN Med-Surg application offers students will NCLEX study questions. This makes it a valuable tool for nursing students to prepare themselves for the exams. The pill identifier by is an essential application because it enables one to look up pills by physical features and common. This app has features that enable one to identify misplaced medications or even loose pills. MSN students should be in possession of this app because it assists them to understand how to function in an actual workplace. Pocket Body is a critical resource for msn students because it helps them to memorize the names of muscles, bones, and human anatomy. This is because pocket body provides structures and names in an easy-to-study format. ACADEMIC RESOURCE/STRATEGY2 A nursing blog that support high-fidelity simulation is another effective resource to use. Some of the notable blogs that can support an msn student include the nerdy nurse, off the charts, and student nurse news. These nursing blogs enable one to search for real-time and fact-based information that provide students with nursing-industry news, career outlook, and test updates (Hoskins et al., 2018). It also offers high-fidelity simulation that enables one to learn how things can be practiced in a real-time situation. NURS6002 Walden Academic Success and Professional Development Plan The blogs also help one to develop teamwork, competence, and confident and critical thinking that will enhance better service delivery to the clients in the future. ACADEMIC RESOURCE/STRATEGY3 Case studies are a strategy or resource which is important. Case studies are important because it enables students to access realistic and complex information that supports one’s learning process. Case studies help students to close the gap between practice and theory, and it improves critical thinking and action-planning. MSN students need to access case studies in order to know how to deal with situation in real-time (Scochi et al., 2015). To broaden one’s knowledge, students are encouraged to share case studies with other students through debating. Participating in case studies with other learners facilitates alternative perspectives, critical thinking, and even offers an opportunity to practice higher order of learning and verbal communication. PROFESSIONAL RESOURCE/STRATEGY1 DailyMed is an important resource for professional nurses. It is a website that provides nurses with information about most drugs that can be accessed in the U.S. It is great resource for nurses to locate FDA changes made in labeling or review. It assists nurses to unearth drugs that have not been reviewed by FDA for safety purposes. A search on DailyMed enablers nurses to locate a drug by NDC code, manufacturer, name, or drug class. Results obtained through a DailyMed search explain about medication’s inactive and active ingredients, warnings, label type, and patients’ reactions. PROFESSIONAL RESOURCE/STRATEGY2 Nurses’ code of ethics is another resource. The nurses should access the code of ethics because it helps them to act in a consistent and responsive manner while caring for patients. Nurses’ codes of ethics explain a framework for ethical decision-making for RNs across all settings. Since the code of ethics keeps on changing with time, nurses should regularly access them in order to be aware of the changes that have been made (Billings & Halstead, 2015). Nurses should be versed with ethical codes of ethics because it helps them to identify the loyalties and duties of the profession that go beyond face-to-face interactions. PROFESSIONAL RESOURCE/STRATEGY3 A practical clinical skill is a website that offers free references and training guides. This website provides lessons that cover murmurs, lung sounds, carotid bruit, heart sounds, blood pressure measurement, and EKG training. The reference guides offered by practical clinical skills are a timely information source at the point of care (Hoskins et al., 2018). These assist one to examine how things are done. For example, there is a quick reference to 100 heart sounds and an interactive course covering carotid bruit, heart murmurs, and covering systolic murmurs. The website also provides an extensive library of arrhythmia tracings. This resource is important because it generally supports one professional development. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES/STRATEGIES Other additional resources include databases (such as national league for nursing and Lippincott nursing center), ejournals, eBooks, and other websites related to nursing. National league for nursing (NLN) is an important database that enables nurses to access network opportunities, testing services, research grants, and professional development (Billings & Halstead, 2015). NLN offers a timelines of events, including webinars, courses, and workshops that assist nurses to further their career. Lippincott nursing center enables nurses to share information easily with other professionals both in the workplace and outside the organization. NURS6002 Walden Academic Success and Professional Development Plan E-journals and eBooks help nurses to access varied information on how things are conducted in real-life situations. Week 3 | Part 3: Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics I have analyzed the relationship between academic integrity and writing, as well as the relationship between professional practices and scholarly ethics. I have also identified strategies I intend to pursue to maintain integrity and ethics of my academic work while a student of the MSN program, as well as my professional work as a nurse throughout my career. The results of these efforts are shared below. Directions: In the space below craft your analysis/writing sample, including Part 1 (The Connection BetweenAcademic and Professional Integrity) and Part 2(Strategies for Maintaining Integrity of Work). Part 1: Writing Sample: The Connection Between Academic and Professional Integrity In the space below write a 2- 3-paragraph analysis that includes the following: • • • • • Explanation for the relationship between academic integrity and writing Explanation for the relationship between professional practices and scholarly ethics Cite at least 2 resources that support your arguments, being sure to use proper APA formatting. Use Grammarly and SafeAssign to improve the product. Explain how Grammarly, Safe Assign, and paraphrasing contributes to academic integrity Academic Integrity and writing Academic is a vast body that requires one to acquire various skills. Rules and regulations are found in all institutions or fields not expecting the field of academia. These rules govern the day to day activities. However, academic integrity is the application of regulations or norms or values that guide the entire academic like sticking to the avoidance of plagiarizing work, keeping all the standards or educational and sticking to sincere publishing of scholarly. Moreover, we can say that academic integrity is a depiction of moral behavior by exercising honest regarding the entire set of academic. On the other hand, academic writing is a skill that is applied in the production of documents or any publicized work in the academic community. Alternatively, we can define academic writing as a style that is affected by many scholars or writers in presenting their arguments or their work in a prose form. This academic writing is usually targeted to a specific audience or group, or it intends to criticize or to put emphasis om something. All academic writers need to acquire these stated skills to present a compelling work that is displayed intellectual boundaries. However, these two skills are closely interrelated in a way. One cannot present any academic work without applying or putting to use these two academic skills. All academic writers need to understand the importance of these two skills since they are essential (Thomas, 2014). These two skills are linked in such a way that an academic writer can submit a useful work once he or she applies the two. For instance, academic writing regards writing the work itself while the academic integrity involves the application of content checkers that ensure that the written academic work has not been plagiarized or there is no cheating when submitting any academic work. It is in the academic writing where we get the academic work which later determines whether an academic then has exercised sincerity or honesty when writing it. Additionally, academic integrity involves the application of the written grammar that is needed when writing and publishing any academic document — the two skills of the body of scholarly work hand in hand. If there is no writing done, the value of academic of integrity cannot be examined. NURS6002 Walden Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Therefore, academic writing results to the determination of the benefits of the discipline applied in the writing which we are referring to as academic integrity in this case. Professional practices and scholarly ethics In every profession, one is expected to meet specific or set requirements. Professional practices are the behavior or the code of conduct when one is working in a particular institution. Also, we can refer to this practice as work of a specific person in a particular profession. These are the jobs that involve long term education and training of people before they are employed. Professional practices are essential since they help in determining what kind of one does. For instance, if one is a teacher, he or she should exercise practices that will help us in concluding that he or she is a teacher. This reason is one of the major ones that show how significant it is to exercise professional practices. For us to say that one is applying this professional practice, he or she is governed by a set of code of conduct that enhances the maintenance of the required standards of an individual within a specific profession. Code of conduct in a business determines the values of the employee like responsibility, trust and how accountable one is. However, scholarly ethics are slightly different from professional practices but a little bit related. Scholarly ethics refers to the mode of behavior of various scholars. The scholarly ethics relates to the rules that govern how a scholar or a researcher should do when handling a scholarly of any academic work (Maurisic, 2011). The scholarly ethics are governed by a policy that ensures that all scholars stick to the norms of academic writing or scholarly writing. For instance, a scholar is not expected to present work that is plagiarized. Instead, a scholar is expected to provide a task that is perfect and work that displays specific values of writing. A scholar is required to show values like sincerity when presenting any work. This can only be done by avoiding copy-pasting information from the internet when researching something. Copy pasting from the internet results to vices like intellectual dishonesty or in other words; we can call it cheating. However, a scholar should always show that he or she is sincere in the presentation of ideas otherwise, nobody will be interested in reading or going through a plagiarized work. Avoiding plagiarism is necessary for good results. A scholarly work should always be sincere and containing purely the scholar’s ideas, not any other person’s views. Virtues like trust and responsibility result from an academic work which is evident of honesty or sincerity. Something needs to be done on the scholarly ethics. Professional practices are slightly the same as scholarly ethics. If we look at the roles and results of the two, they are almost the same. For instance, the two results to a depiction of virtues of responsibility and trust. Also, they involve different types or classification of work. We have a scholar and somebody else who is a professional. The two include showing one’s skills in the area of specialization. Grammarly, safe assign and paraphrasing Academic writing is not that easy as one can think or say. Academic writing requires one to acquire specific skill and practices for active submission and acceptation of any work. An academic research writer is expected to have also the content checkers that will determine how genuine a scholarly work is. Some of the skills that a writer is required to understand and exercise the power of paraphrasing (Naik, 2015). This skill is critical in academic writing. If one knows how to paraphrase, then there will be minimal cases of plagiarism. One cannot know everything. Therefore, writers sometimes are forced to get specific information from the internet. If an academic writer googles anything from the net, he or is expected to put that in his or her own words. This is how important this skill is in determining the application of academic integrity since there will be no cases of dishonesty. Grammar is one of the significant content checkers that enhance academic integrity. For a writer to be considered honest, he or she should use Grammarly to fix the right language for any scholarly work and correct all the spelling, punctuation and other critical mistakes. Grammarly also helps in checking any content that might have been derived from the submitted assignment or papers. It shows the total percentage of this content. The other essential component is safe to assign. This component works just like the other co … Purchase answer to see full attachment Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool’s honor code & terms of service . Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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