[SOLVED] Non-verbal Communication

This paper describes different means of non-verbal communication as a part of our daily interpersonal communication. Non-verbal communication can be said, to be that behavior of a person that is communicated to another person and influences that persons’ behavior. The non-verbal communication shows the behavior of one and normally shows the balance with linguistics. The facial expressions’, bodily gestures and the tone of the voice one makes while talking can help to convey a message. Non-verbal communication can have more significance on a person than the actual word that one speaks. They can also occur internally, such as people’s grimace, postures in certain positions, and others can help to reinforce people’s attitudes, implicit beliefs, and even positions on certain matters unconsciously. Nonverbal communication can also be seen as spontaneous and symbolic communication, where the former means nonintentional communication of motivational factors and the latter being intentional communication. Non-verbal behavior and communications mentioned earlier constitute most parts of communication in most people. Nonverbal behaviors include. facial expressions, gestures, the tone of one’s voice, posture, and even the eye gaze. The non-verbal behaviors can show one’s behavior, and how one interacts with others from the way one shakes hands and maybe the hairstyle one is keeping. These non-verbal behaviors can be used together like one can node his head and at the same time shake his hand with another person.


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[SOLVED] Non-verbal Communication
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