[SOLVED] Mobile Diabetes Management Applications

Write 20 pages with APA style on A Review of Mobile Diabetes Management Applications in the United Kingdom and Gulf Countries. The reason could be due to the fact that a new technology called Glucometer monitoring device was very recently launched in April 2009 in the USA. For the trials found to have been conducted in UK, Iran, Iraq, and Bahrain, the findings were positive. There were significant benefits like lowering of blood sugar and better management of diabetes as a result of using mobile phones. Effectiveness and acceptance were proven. Conclusion More doctors should recommend and use the new system by now. Those who joined trials realized its effectiveness and were generally satisfied. In that case, why has the system not been widely implemented by now? Surveys should be conducted to find out. II. Introduction One of the most popular and dreaded diseases experienced by people worldwide has been diabetes. It is also well known for complications if not treated early enough (Cole-Lewis & Kshaw, 2010). As of September 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO Media Centre 2012) statistics showed that 347,000,000 have diabetes. Another website WHO Diabetes Programme (2013) shows that in the year 2000, there were only 171,000,000 while the projected diabetic population worldwide by 2030 will be 366,000,000. This actually says that diabetes has in fact more than doubled in about 13 years from year 2000 to September 2012. It is very unlikely for the 2030 forecast to be achieved since the figure is only 5.47% away from the 2012 data and there are still 17 to 18 years more to 2030. Both adults and children were found to be with this disease. There is a need to control diabetes and also prevent an increase its rise. In June 9, 2012, The Wall Street Journal reported (Linebaugh, K, 2012) a 23% growth in Type 1 Diabetes from 2001 to 2009 in the USA. That news came from the American Diabetes Association which also disclosed a corresponding increase in Type 2 Diabetes by 21% within that same 8 years. What makes this disease alarming is the fact that it can lead to a series of complications leading to many parts of the body including the brain, until a patient dies. Unless properly treated while controllable, diabetes usually ends up in very expensive treatments and frequent visits to hospitals and dialysis centres. Simultaneously, a rising cost of healthcare services and the proliferation of mobile phones have created a vast market opportunity for the field of medicine to utilize technological methods to serve people with diabetes in their need for less expensive services. In April 14, 2009, Entra (or EHS, Entra Health Systems) announced the launching of the first FDA approved Glucometer to measure the blood glucose of people with diabetes continuously for three consecutive days. What made it different from similar devices was the fact that the meter would automatically record data and upload it real time to inform end users, including doctors and relatives, about trends in the diabetic experiences of patients. This would then allow for a timelier and accurate response coming from doctors. Hospital confinement can be avoided. Yet monitoring can be done scientifically with the use of the “Glucometer” for out-patients.


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[SOLVED] Mobile Diabetes Management Applications
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