[SOLVED] Methods of Data Collection in Conducting Business Research

Write 6 pages with APA style on Method of Data Collection in Conducting Business Research. So it is very important to go the extra mile for finding and including the respondents that are hard-to-reach. Non-response error is another common error in a survey. This type of error&nbsp.can cause severe partiality in survey results. This non-response error has two effects on statistical results that are basically contributing to increasing the sampling variance of the estimates with the reduction in the effective sample size from that formerly sought and it also contributes towards the bias of estimates where non-respondents vary from respondents in characteristics measured. Non-response error takes birth in two basic means that include the inability to build contact with the selected units of a survey that may be a significant and main contributor and also the refusal of people to participate partially or fully. So this type of survey error can affect the results of the survey severely. Measurement errors take place when inaccurate answers are given by the participants due to wrong question wording, interviewer effect, question ordering and other external influences etc. Like for example, a question may be gender biased due to the wording it has and sometimes the sequence of the questions can also make the participant lode interest so he or she may provide false information. So the sequence, wording etc have a major role to play and if the researcher fails to do so then a major survey error can occur. Keeping all the above errors in mind is really important while devising the instrument for the survey.An expression of disfavor or favor towards a place, person, thing, or maybe an event is the attitude.&nbsp.Attitude may be formed as a result of past and present experiences of the person.&nbsp.Attitude is moreover changeable, measurable and also has the influencing power over the behavior.


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[SOLVED] Methods of Data Collection in Conducting Business Research
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