[SOLVED] Mentoring and Networking in Nursing

No title page is needed. APA writing with In-text citations from my articles and a reference list. Answer the following items in your initial DF post: 1) Define mentoring and networking and how nurses can benefit from both. 2) Give an example of a mentor you had experience with and why they were considered a mentor to you. You may use first person for this post.  Instructions for Discussion Forum Post (DF) Initial Post: Do not write in a question and answer format. The Initial Post must be 300 words or less, your reference list does not count in the word count. 1) APA formatting applies and includes the following for your Initial Post:       A) In-text citations       B) Reference list   2) Do not use a title page in any discussion forums.   3) Use 2 peer-reviewed articles from the library. 4) References must be recent which is less than five years old, and from the United States- your textbook is not a journal.  5) Reference list and in text citations must be in APA format. I have included the 2 references articles of my choice that need to be cited in the writing.


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[SOLVED] Mentoring and Networking in Nursing
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