[SOLVED] Marital Stability

Create a paper that discusses marital stability and individual participation in the christian faith. The current study showed that shared participation is significantly correlated to marital stability in terms of the number of years of marriage, but not to marital satisfaction. The attendance of religious activities may help marriages to become more functional by influencing their capacity to solve conflicts effectually. Marital stability is measured by two items in the demographics portion of the survey, inquiring about the number of times married. and 2) the number of marriages. On the other hand, marital quality is to be measured by the score in the Marital Satisfaction Scale. These two represent the dependent variables of the study. On the other hand, there are three independent variables, namely individual participation, shared participation, and religiosity. Individual participation and shared participation, both had dichotomous, yes-no response options. Religiosity has been measured through the Inventory of Religious Belief. In terms of gender, 58.82% of the 68 respondents are female, while the remaining 41.18% are male. The average age for females is 42.05 years, while that for males is 49.12 years. Overall, the average age of respondents is 44.78 years. The mean number of years married is 18.95 years. Moreover, the average number of marriages is 1.18 times. Average age at current marriage is 25.06 years. The frequency breakdown by religious affiliation is as follows: Christian 22. Lutheran 7. Presbyterian 4. Methodist 4. Baptist 4. Protestant 3. Catholic 3. Christian non-denominational 3. Nazarene 2. Evangelical non-denominational 1. Evangelical 1. Evangelical Christian 1. Evangelical Free 1. German Baptist 1. and Jewish Conservative 1. 10 respondents did not indicate their religious affiliation. 76% of the 42 respondents who answered the questions on religious participation say that they regularly go to church as individuals. while 24% do not.


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[SOLVED] Marital Stability
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