[SOLVED] Local Population in Heritage Sites Management

Write an article on the Involvement of the Local Population in Heritage Sites Management. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Most scholars classify cultural heritage under two categories, which are intangible and tangible heritage. The intangible heritage cannot be touched but they are abstract ideas that people practice and they have an effect on their way of life. They are activities such as religious rituals, dances, music, and festivals. Tangible heritage is in the form of physical things that occupy a space such as game reserves, buildings, ancient objects, and ruins. The local population or community is usually defined as the number of people who come together to form a group and they have common interests, loyalties, values, beliefs, and goals they anticipate to fulfill together. Although due to modernization other forms of communities have emerged, which can be classified as intangible and interests such as the internet and football mostly unite them.To understand the essence of engaging the local population and what causes it not to be effective always, it is necessary to assess various situations all over the world in order to answer the question of the management of heritage sites. There arises a need to carefully interrogate the preexisting research on the local costs and the advantages of having conserved areas. Then drawing facts from the survey, which is necessary for understanding the particular aspects of the conservations that need to be highlighted and fully addressed. After noting the aspects, it will be appropriate to have methodologies that assess the impacts and can be tested. Then conduct research and assessment that should aid in the evaluating of the quality of the new information provided. Lastly, show the level of ignorance (David, 2014, pp.34).&nbsp.The essence of such an evaluation is to give facts on the socio-economical knowledge regarding various conservation areas all over the world. There will be various tasks to be examined during the assessment. First will be to assess the levels and ways the population is displaced. Then assess the data at hand regarding conservation areas. From assessing data then determine the available schemes that have been put in place to generate wealth meant for the local population living near the heritage sites. Finally will be to show how a lack of information about displacement and local wealth creation has resulted is distributed in all the regions (Hamber&Canney, 2012, pp.23).


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[SOLVED] Local Population in Heritage Sites Management
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