[SOLVED] IT System Analysis and Design

The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The company is also serving the printing needs of some big companies that form the major chunk of its customers. The core product of the company is the security seal printing that it does for various companies. Historically, the company was using manual system for maintaining all sorts of records, finances, and performing day-to-day operations. However, with the expansion of the company as well as prospective benefits, the company has realized the need of having an automated Information System that would function within the whole enterprise, maintaining records of the employees, customers, carry out financial reporting and all sorts of other support. The Information system software would consist of three basic modules: Human resource management Customer management Financial Modules The organization has decided to move towards the most basic form of the Information System to make the transition as swift and easy as possible. They want that the system installed in the organization is easy and consist of the most basic modules so that it is cost saving as well. The logic that comes to one’s mind is that ERP are very easily available and they just need to be deployed. However, the argument here is that they have too many functions that the business does not plan on using right now so the investment in the software would not be worthwile, moreover, the software available are generic whereas the company needs a customized software. Later on when they have fully evaluated the benefits of investing in an Information System, the do plan to keep on adding more improvements and updates as they come with time. The Company Coatings & Others Numerous U.V. Printing with Security Technology, UltraCoat Inc. was established in 1990, and it is now one of the leading Brand Protection Company catering to the needs of leading manufacturers of consumer products, institutions and organizations to safeguard their Brands against counterfeiting. The company has a wealth of information, know-ledge, wide experience, sound understanding and in depth know-how to offer from the widest choice of highly efficient and cost effective intelligent solutions for every product. The core service or product that the company provides is brand protection and safety solutions using various methodologies to protect brands and their products from piracy, counterfeiting, especially for products such as life-saving drugs, edible items, etc. System Development Life cycle The system development life cycle provides a structure that the designers and developers of the system can follow. The cycle involves a sequence of activities that build upon on the results and outcomes of the previous activity. We can divide the activities of the system development life cycle into four major phases: planning, analysis, design, and implementation. A number of models of SDLC exist. some of the most popular ones are: the waterfall model, spiral model, prototype, incremental, fountain model. Each of these models have certain advantages and disadvantages and it depends on the type of the project, its requirements and the development team (Kay, 2002).


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[SOLVED] IT System Analysis and Design
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