[SOLVED] Informational Interview

Write a 1000 word paper answering; An employee working in this field must be ready to help train other junior trainees who are recruited into the organization. The induction exercise should be thorough as one needs to be trained well so as service delivery can not be affected in the future.The employee interviewed started to work as a junior accounts manager with the future objective of becoming a CFO Manager in a financially related organization. The interviewee chose to work in this field as he is good in Math and this is what he sees as the only way promotion and can secure him any job applied for in other companies. Some of the task assigned to him currently includes managing the trainees’ accounts, communicating with the bank to ensure that the trainees are paid in time (Guffey & Loewy 2010). He also helps in recruiting exercise of accountants for other departments in the organization. The respondents find the work satisfying as he enjoys working as an accountant, solve new challenges, and making other team members happy. He works hard to ensure that he is productive and all that he does is appreciated by both the juniors and seniors. Although he enjoys working as an accountant, the work has pressure. He says that he has to ensure that he does not make any mistake it affects line activities above or under him. He works in the salary and finance department where he ensures that salaries are paid in time and the trainees are satisfied and happy to be paid what they have worked for in the past month. The respondent says that the field is very competitive as one goes up the rank, competitiveness, and challenges increase too. The industry at large requires one to incorporate both the accounting skills, deductive skills, and good decision-making skills. One is required to make good decisions on when a risk is worth taking. these skills have seen him get promoted twice since he started as a trainee four years ago(Fitch 2007). The respondent has worked in multiple departments that have exposed him well and made him feel that he is an all-round person. This industry requires him to make the information he learned in college. The accounting, etiquette, technical communication skills, and business ethics skills learned in college has helped him to ensure he meets customer satisfaction in his field of work. Over time, the respondent says that he knows that it is possible to project the customer’s future needs. This is important as they need to safeguard the company image at all costs. The employees are required to have the right morale and attitude as they work. to achieve this, the respondent says that they calculate the economic growth and from there salary increment for the employees is increased accordingly. Employee’s performance is not only measured from how much money one brings into the company, but it incorporates a mixture of other factors like one’s hard work, work ethics, creativity, and communication within the employees and to customers. The company values employee’s creativity and productivity. The respondent wants to see himself in a senior management position in the coming five to ten years. The position he is aspiring to hold by then includes a project manager and to manage his own department, as he aspires to be a CFO later on. The communication needs in this field are effective and mistakes can put an employee in a lot of trouble.


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[SOLVED] Informational Interview
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