[SOLVED] How to Avoid the Overcrowding of Prisons

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: How to Avoid the Overcrowding of Prisons. This is achieved through numerous community and institutional sanctions to make sure no future offenses committed. The correction processes are usually significant and are applied for four major purposes: retribution, rehabilitation, deterrence, and incapacitation. In this paper, we will explore how the application of different programs helps to avoid overcrowding in prisons in the United States.Correctional facilities are necessary for ensuring that the people who have done something wrong in the society have been corrected and made better people for the society (Nilsson 61). There are several reasons for the use of diversion including reducing the stigma of incarceration, the expense, and the perception of the general population, as well as providing a better chance at rehabilitation. Most remarkably, this forms a benchmark from where all the inmates are rehabilitated and sent back to the community help to reduce overcrowding in prison facilities. There are two types of diversion: conditional diversion and unconditional diversion (Borzycki 38). The conditional diversion would have the charges dropped, but the offender must meet certain conditions such as counseling.Unconditional diversion is the complete termination of any criminal processing before adjudication. This would also carry no threat of later prosecution. The services offered for an unconditional diversion are the same as conditional, but they are completely voluntary (Gable 21). However, each of these conditions has a number of problems as well as advantages, and the reason one diversion should be favored for effectiveness in terms of costs and success in dealing with the people. In that case, since all these approaches have a number of factors which define them, the conditional diversion appears to have a number of benefits as compared with unconditional diversion.


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[SOLVED] How to Avoid the Overcrowding of Prisons
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