[SOLVED] Heaters and Society

Need an research paper on heaters and society. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. However, there were detrimental effects that accompanied the use of heaters in those early historical days. As noted, smoke from fires, which served as heaters was a major cause of deaths. Currently, there are countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq, which still impresses the use of the fireplace for cultural and worming purposes. It is worth noting in the Middle East, the locale people were among the early groups that started using the heaters as substitutes of the old methods. This is attributed to energy efficiency often associated with using heaters. The most significant step in using the heaters in the society came when on November 20, 1868, Bill Compton impressed the use of heaters, in a move to prevent people from bad weather and reducing the number of death occurring from fires (Ruiz, 2010). This way, the first step was to adopt gas as an alternative method. However, this proved expensive the low-income earners who could not afford the price of gases. The next hallmark came when Willis Haviland Carrier came up with a brilliant idea of making heaters using electricity. In modern homes, heaters have become part and parcel of life. In most cold countries such as Russia and Canada, research has indicated that about that nine over ten houses/apartments have heaters. Generally, since 1868 this invention, modifications have been made on the heaters, which has gone a long way in increasing their efficiency. Research has shown that that the heaters will be safer and healthier to use (Ruiz, P, Toro, C, et al. 2010. p12). Although heaters, as commonly used in the Middle East, have sufficed, air-conditioners, if adopted, can help improve the household operations. Studies have shown that heaters have both positive impacts, as well as negative impacts on societies. However, one thing that is not clear from such studies is whether or not heaters impacts positively on society as to regard them as good inventions that should be impressed by society.&nbsp. With a view to ascertain whether heaters should be adapted as positive contributors to the societal well being or not, it is prudent to highlight what a body of literature has indicated on this subject.According to Ruiz and Toro (2010), heaters are good for society considering the comfort they provide to all kinds of people. Furthermore, heaters helped many people to safe many because they are cheaper than using gas and safer than using fire to get warm. For many people in cold countries, the main purse of using heaters besides the weather is almost the only way to get the house warm. On one hand, heaters help old and sick people to stay home and do not go out and send the influence to others and for old people the stay healthy inside the wells. On the anther hand, heaters play the main purpose in all factors that produce power and new technology so that means heaters have many benefits when it comes to the technology side.


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[SOLVED] Heaters and Society
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