Global Strategy on Diet Physical Activity and Health Essay

Global Strategy on Diet Physical Activity and Health Essay Global Strategy on Diet Physical Activity and Health Essay NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES: Hi I have this essay I need someone to edit the file and follow the instructions and the feedback and comment. The sources should be correct 100%. _____please_read_the_comments_carefully__1___4_.docx ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS #I would like to remind you that the word count must be not less than 2000 words #make sure that you cite the correct source for any claim #I ask you please to always check the correct source for any claim you write #Please cite the correct source for each claim you write ##Please follow the instructions and comments below, please read the comments carefully Introduction: A global study by Aubrey published in The Lancet indicates that a poor diet is killing more people than smoking in the world. Aubrey had paradoxical findings that 800 million people in the world face acute starvation, are malnourished, while 1.9 billion people have excess weights, and are at risk of health complications (2019). This figure includes 41 million overweight children. The survey assessed people’s diets in 95 nations using household data (Aubrey, 2019). The data was analyzed to assess the impacts of a poor diet on health. The results were analyzed against global deaths associated with tobacco. Nations that had the least cases of diet-related deaths were France, Israel, and Japan (Aubrey, 2019). The World Health Organization holds that a healthy diet and lifestyle significantly reduce the risks of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer and cardiovascular complications (2020). The opposite of the same is true, which increases the global risks to health and wellness. A healthy lifestyle and diet should start early in life through breastfeeding and indulging children in physical activities to promote social, cognitive, and physical fitness in the long term (Medical Research Council,2017). The daily intake of calories should reflect the body’s energy demands to prevent the risks of malnutrition and unnecessary weight gains (Popkin et al., 2013). The total body fat should be at most 30% of the energy intake, and the consumption of saturated fats should not exceed 10% of the total energy intake. The trans-fats intake should be less than 1% of the energy intake (Popkin et al., 2013). People who lack the necessary micronutrients and vitamins worldwide are about 2 billion (Beaudreault, 2020). The children with low heights compared to their ages are 150.8 million, which translates to one in every four children. Out of this population, 71% live in Southeast Asia and Africa (Beaudreault, 2020). It is further estimated that 9.7% of women between the ages of 20 and 49, and 5.7% of adolescent girls are underweight, and 15.1% are overweight (Beaudreault, 2020). This increases the risk of anaemia for pregnant women by 40.1%. In every three people in the world, one is either obese or underweight. Nutrition is fundamental in ensuring people reach their full potentials (HHS, 2017). Poor nutrition contributes to a high mortality rate and a high cost of care by increasing non-communicable disease risks. Proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles can help reach and maintain healthy weights, reduce the risks of chronic disease, and promote people’s overall wellbeing. Diet and lifestyle are directly associated with non-communicable diseases. Main body : Human health goes beyond the physical fitness or disease absence. Healthy people are efficient at work and in society (Rathnayake et al., 2020). They have longer lifespans and less demand for healthcare services. Good health is defined by eating habits, regular physical activities, and personal hygiene. The basic nutrition has a proper balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and forms the basis of all life activities.Global Strategy on Diet Physical Activity and Health Essay The diet makes up functional body molecules, the carbon skeleton, and the energy for driving the body processes (Rajendra et al., 2015, p. 3). Its primary function is to power the body, prevent nutritional deficiencies, and prevent NCDs (Rajendra et al., 2015). It has to be kept at the right balance because too many nutrients in the body result in overweight, while inadequate amounts lead to malnutrition. Fanzo considers diet as the leading factor of most non-communicable morbidity and mortality (2016). Excessive nutrition makes the bodies absorb and store excess energy and fats that are detrimental to health. The intake of healthy diets with high concentration of nutrients are paramount in minimizing the risks of most communicable diseases primarily in the older adults since they are at the highest risks of these diseases (Bruins et al., 2019). It accelerates the body’s ability to reproduce, which reduces life quality. The western pattern compromises nutritional integrity and optimal micronutrition for macronutrients, which maximise taste perception. (Rajendra et al., 2015, p.3). Although people get full after eating this food, the body does not benefit because they have little or no dietary value. The ingredients used in preparing these foods are mostly unhealthy for consumption. They have high concentrations of white flour, trans-fats, salt, unrefined sugars, and many food additives like tartrazine that have negative side effects on individual health. Our weight depends on the food people eat, the calories we store, and the ones we burn. People who consistently burn calories through regular physical activities maintain their weights (Matera, Bernat & Olejniczak, 2018). Matera and colleagues holds that consuming more calories than the body requires results in fat being stored in the body as fat in specialized fat cells known as adipose (2018). Matera et al. continue to argue that the fats become enlarged, and more of them are created to contain the stored energy (2018). Regular and vigorous physical exercises breakdown the calories from the body’s reserves and reduces fat storage. This ends up shrinking the fat cells and reducing body weight. Therefore, a healthy diet is a foundation for preventing weight gain and obesity. This suggests that some diets are healthier than others. XXX Time has changed, and our daily lives offer little or no opportunities for physical exercise. Children do not exercise in schools as required because of the shrinkage of physical activity classes by concentrating on academic affairs (Matera, Bernat & Olejniczak, 2018). Research suggests that obese people spend up to four times more watching television and playing video games compared to people with normal body weight (Matera, Bernat & Olejniczak, 2018). Watching television for more than two hours a day has been linked to increased overweight risks in children. Lifestyle and eating habits are critical aspects that influence body weight and diseases. Proper management of these aspects helps regulate the blood sugar levels in the body and minimize the risks of diabetes (Gray & Threlkeld, 2019). Individuals need to create this balance by determining what they eat and how much should be consumed. Vegetables such as corn, green peas, carrots and nuts, and other types of plant-based plants are healthy because they are rich in fibre that helps control the level of blood sugar in the body (Forouhi et al., 2018). Individuals should eat foods with healthy, complex, and simple carbohydrates like whole grains, legumes, and low-fat dairy products (Forouhi et al., 2018). Others include the ‘good’ fats that contain polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats that are crucial in reducing cholesterols’ levels. They include nuts, avocadoes, peanut, and olive oils (Forouhi et al., 2018). The best way to check on body weight is by assessing the body mass index. A metric links the weight and height of an individual. On average, the BMI should be below 25 (World Health Organization 2020). A combination of physical exercise and a healthy diet reduces the risks of cancer.Global Strategy on Diet Physical Activity and Health Essay This combination builds a healthy defence system for the body and improves the levels of the hormone. Al-Shawi and colleagues suggest that diets like wheat, germ oil, and most nut oils improve the body’s immune system (2019). Excess weight increases the risks of getting various types of cancer. The excess body weight stimulates the excretion and circulation of hormones such as insulin and estrogen, which accelerate cancerous cells’ growth. Food like unprocessed dairy products, leafy vegetables, and fish like sardines are healthy because they have high levels calcium concentration that reduces cancer risks (Ksouri, 2019). Research suggests that calcium binds fatty acids and bile acids in the gastrointestinal tract (Ksouri, 2019). The binding force protects cells in the digestive system and the growth of cancerous cells. Berries such as acai berries, peanuts, and blueberries contain polyphenols, a class of antioxidants that can reduce cancer risk (Kraak & Story, 2010). They neutralize free radicals that can damage cells of body cells. These foods only prevent and have little healing impacts because, in most cases, cancers develop over decades. Therefore, the foods should be incorporated into the lifetime diet. Discussion Healthy eating can prevent excessive weight, which is a leading cause of a range of diseases. Food with high concentration of fats, sugars, and calories are the foundation for overweight in the body (Farhud, 2015). The result is obesity that weakness the body’s defence system and because it strains internal organs to work harder. This opens doors for diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, among many others. Certain nutrients have substantial impacts on the body. For example, calcium-rich foods like unprocessed dairy products strengthen the body and reduce the risks of cancer. Lifetime dietary and lifestyle measures can significantly reduce the risks of chronic diseases. For example, a balanced diet and regular physical activities have been found to reduce the risks of diabetes by 90% and 80% in heart diseases (Tello, 2020). Tello estimated that a third of the global cancer cases could be prevented by eliminating risk factors that include poor lifestyles and unbalanced diets (2020). A general health recommendation is eating vegetables, fruits, fish, and moderating the amount of starch, sugars, and fats in the diet. Currently, only a small fraction of the global society has healthy eating patterns due to lifestyle choices, healthy food availability, and affordability (Health Research Institute, n.d). Proper eating habits can reduce the global risks of overweight and chronic diseases because some diets are healthier than others. Conclusion Some diets are healthier than others. The health value of foods is determined by their quality. Caloric value is among the metrics for examining high quality (healthier) foods and low quality (less healthy) foods. Healthy diets are mostly unrefined and are minimally processed. Examples include whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and cereals, among many other farm-foods. Unhealthy diets are of low quality and include highly processed and sweated foods. Examples included refined grains, sugar, beverages, snack foods, and the ones saturated with trans fats. A healthy lifestyle accompanies the effectiveness of a healthy diet. Food choice goes a long way in determining the body weight and the risk factor of chronic illnesses. Eating patterns have significant impacts in determining the feelings of today’s, tomorrows, and future because it influences health outcomes. A combination of the right diet and physical activities can help prevent the risks of a range of health problems like obesity, cancer, and diabetes, among other lifestyle diseases. Obesity is among the scariest health realities that the global community is facing today. It is pandemic, especially to children in urban areas and most developing countries. This condition is stimulated by eating patterns and lifestyles that are parents pass to children and progress to adulthood. The prevalence of obesity creates a health emergency that can be addressed by creating awareness of proper nutrition and lifestyle. Diabetes is another lifestyle disease that can be prevented through lifestyle and dietary changes. The best medicine is hailed a balanced diet with low saturations of fats and sugar.Global Strategy on Diet Physical Activity and Health Essay Other nutritional solutions include incorporating fiber-rich foods in the diet and reducing fat consumption. Cancer is another global nightmare that is claiming the lives of our loved ones. One leading cause of this condition is overweight. Dietary and lifestyle solutions for cancer can be realized in the long term, which implies that people should adopt healthy eating patterns from childhood. Most healthy foods do not have healing properties but reduce the risks of developing the disease. List of References Al-Shawi, Saemad. G, Ali, Ibrahim. H and Nima, Hassan. 2019. “The Effect of Nutrition on Immune System Review Paper.’’ Food Science and Quality Management, 90(2019). DOI: 10.7176/FSQM Aubrey, A. 2019. ‘’Bad Diets are Responsible for More Death than Smoking, Global Study Finds.’’ NPR. Lancet. Accessed from Beaudreault, R. A. 2020. Nutrition + Prosperity. Center for Strategic & International Studies. Accessed from Bobroff, B. L. n.d. Nutrition for Health and fitness: Fat in your diet. Accessed from Bruins, Maaike. J, Dael, Van. P and Eggersdorfer Manfred. 2019. ‘The Role of Nutrients in Reducing the Risk for Noncommunicable Diseases During Aging.’ Accessed from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC). 2020. Poor nutrition. Accessed from Department of Health and Human Services. (HHS). 2017. Importance of good nutrition. Accessed from Fanzo Jessica. 2016. Non-Communicable Diseases, Food Systems and the Sustainable Development Goals. Sight and Life, 30(1):34-40. Accessed from Farhud, D. D. 2015. ‘Impact of Lifestyle on Health.’ Iranian Journal of Public Health, 44(11):1442-1444. Accessed from 20of%20lifestyle%20and,a Forouhi, G. N, Misra, A, Mohan, V and Taylor, R. 2018. ‘Dietary and Nutritional Approaches for Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes.’ BioMed Journal, (631): 2234. Accessed from Gray, A and Threlkeld, J. R. 2019. Nutritional recommendations for individuals with diabetes. Accessed from Kraak, V and Story, M. 2010. ‘A Public Health Perspective on Healthy Lifestyle and PublicPrivate Partnerships for Global Childhood Obesity Prevention.’ Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 110(2): 192-200. Accessed from 009.10.036 Ksouri, R. 2019. ‘Food Components and Diet Habits: Chief factors of Cancer Development.’Global Strategy on Diet Physical Activity and Health Essay Food Quality and Safety, 3(4). Accessed from Matera, B. A, Bernat, C. K and Olejniczak, D. 2018. ‘Food-related Behaviors among Individuals with Overweight/Obesity and Normal Body Weight.’ Nutrition Journal, 17(93). Accessed from Medical Research Council. 2017. Review of nutrition and human health research. Accessed from Popkin, M. Barry, Adair, S. L. and Wen, S. N. 2013. ‘Global Nutrition Transition and the Pandemic of Obesity in Developing Countries.’ Nutrition Review, 70, 1, 1. Accessed from Rajendra, G, Rahjendra, N, Murigendra, H, Shridevi, P, Prasad, M, Mujeeb, M, A, Arun, S, Neeraj, D, Vikas, S, Suneel, D and Vijay, K. (2015). ‘Modern Diet and its Impact on Human Health.’ Journal of Nutrition & Food Science, 5(6): 1-3. Accessed from Rathnayake, N, Alwis, G, Lenora, J, Mampitiya, I and Lekamwasam, S. 2020. ‘Effect of HealthPromoting Lifestyle Modification Education on Knowledge, Attitude, and Quality of Life of Postmenopausal Women.’ BioMed Research International. Accessed from World Health Organization. 2020. Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health. Accessed from World Health Organization. 2020. Healthy diet. Accessed from … Purchase answer to see full attachment Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool’s honor code & terms of service . 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