Gerontological Nursing Essay

Gerontological Nursing Essay Gerontological Nursing Essay Gerontology studies the processes of aging which include biopsychosocial factors, geriatrics, geropsychology, social gerontology, financial gerontology, geropharmaceutics, gerontological nursing, gerontological rehabilitation, and others. Traditionally being ‘old’ means to be over 65 years old. The Social Security Administration sets this number. However, modern approach to designation of the ‘old’ people defines “the young old (ages 65–74), the middle old (ages 75–84), and the old old, very old, or frail elderly (ages 85 and up) (Mauk, 2006). Mauk has stated in her research that those numbers cannot be accepted as universal. As different aspects impact the health, socio-cultural, psychological and other features that predetermine the person’s feeling of one’s age. Thus, differences certainly exist between biological aging and chronological aging, and between the physical and emotional or social aspects of aging with each individual” (Mauk, 2006).Gerontological Nursing Essay Notable, while aging a person may develop new diseases which become chronic. Their organisms become weaker with age. Many older adults require special care both in the hospitals and home. People of all ages must feel comfortable to develop a healthy environment for themselves and people around them. Thus, aging in place is important for successful aging. Thus, this paper is going to discuss the effect of aging population increase and its economical and social influence on the country. Along with the critical analysis of the relevant literature, the researcher will discuss the interviews conducted with an elderly. The questions were related to promotion of successful aging and understanding aging experience and perception.Gerontological Nursing Essay Permalink: gerontological-nursing-essay / ? A summary of the interview Aging is an unavoidable process. When getting closer to this age, any person must remember that they still have a life ahead, their life perception impacts their psychological and physical health significantly. Moreover, there is a direct connection between successful aging and remaining strong relationships with a family, friends, neighbors, spouses, and others. While interviewing Mrs. Chan, the researcher has noted that she develops successful aging, as she realizes its unavoidability. She peacefully accepted all the natural changes in her appearance and body. However, she stated that her heart feels young. Mrs. Chan believed that participating in social activities, doing exercises regularly, learning and developing new skills allow her to stay young. According to Jennifer Reichstadt and her colleagues, “[Successful aging is] enjoying the automatic part of life as much as you can and the special moments as much as you can… It took a long time for people to realize that right now is really what life is all about. The future is unpredictable up to a point. This moment, right now, because my organs are working, is life” (Reichstadt et al. 2010). Mrs. Chan was a little worried about her aging, as she did not expect to be active long. She was sad that her body had developed more age-related health problems than she thought it would be. She believed that she would manage to maintain the current health condition as getting old. The interviewee wanted to keep actively engaging in social activities, spending more time with family and friends. Mrs. Chan also expected not to experience financial worry, while getting new wrinkles, grey hair, and becoming weaker. Mrs. Chan has also described the changes in her health condition due to aging. She has lost her appetite because she does not feel taste as good as before. She has become weaker and slower.Gerontological Nursing Essay Her body does not produce as extensive sweat as before even if she exercises. However, the blood pressure is more often to change. Very often, Mrs. Chan experiences insomnia. Insomnia and blood pressure often occur when Mrs. Chan experiences emotional boom related to health, death, and family. The interviewee has learned how to live with all those aging phenomena, which proves successful aging. Notably, Mrs. Chan has plenty of memories that help her age successfully. She has spoken much about her sons, their education, and career. The interviewee has a large family whom she likes to communicate with. Besides her sons, the old lady has a husband’s support. He and their children always provide physical and emotional help, when she cannot carry heavy bags from the shop when she worries because of getting old. Mr. and Mrs. Chan both have a positive perception of aging; this helps them go ahead and enjoy their lives. However, successful aging is a challenge for many older people because they often experience financial issues. Low pensions and the absence of insurance make elderly’s lives a robust experience. Mrs. Chan claims that she knows about such negative factors, and from the beginning, she was not ready for that, but she is not alone. She has her family, and she feels support both emotional and financial from her sons which plays an integral role in her physical and psychological health. Mrs. Chan has enough money to travel a lot and attend the gym. Those activities make her happier.Gerontological Nursing Essay THE PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING THEORY TO STUDY GERONTOLOGY “Psychological well-being is a broad term that has different meanings for different social scientists” (Hillier & Barrow, 2014). The measurement of well-being includes three central factors morale, happiness, and life satisfaction. Those factors play an integral role in the decision-making process of aged people and the gerontological personnel. “An assessment describes the client in terms of characteristics relevant to the service being offered and gathers the information needed to tailor programs specifically to the needs of an individual” (Hillier & Barrow, 2014). To complete this study, the researcher had to develop a questionnaire for an elderly to measure her aging satisfaction. Using the theory, the researcher has included the seven domains of satisfaction and asked Mrs. Chan about “material well-being, health, productivity, intimacy, safety, community, and emotional well-being (Hillier & Barrow, 2014). While interpreting her answers, the researcher discovered, that Mrs. Chan is generally satisfied with her aging process, even though she had faced some challenges which include financial and health problems. However, her family had supported her, and now she is happy.Gerontological Nursing Essay PERSONAL PERCEPTION OF AGING Getting old is an inevitable process. Everything has its beginning and end. This interview was important to me as a researcher and an individual. I consider that learning materials from the book are not as useful and efficient as communication with people, getting the first-hand information. As a future nurse, I must realize all the psychological, biological, and social processes which take place in person’s aging. When aging a person requires specific help and support. I am still not sure which direction I should go that is why I must understand responsibilities of both gerontological nurse and gerontological rehabilitation nurse. If I select working as a gerontological nurse, I must realize that my patients can suffer because of various “chronic illnesses and long-term functional limitations such as stroke, head injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases, spinal cord injury, arthritis, joint replacements, and amputations” (Mauk, 2006). If I select working as a gerontological nurse, I will be involved in working “with healthy elderly persons in their communities, the acutely ill elderly requiring hospitalization and treatment, and the chronically ill or disabled elderly in long-term care facilities, skilled care, home care, and hospice” (Mauk, 2006). All the old people, who undergo this condition and do not display any severe features that must be observed by the specialists will be under my responsibility and responsibility of my colleagues. Thus, we must learn hard to get a theoretical understanding of the problem. Simultaneously, an internship is important for gerontological nurses as it gives an in-depth understanding of the problems and valuable experience in communication with such people while providing them emotional, psychological and physical support. All in all, gerontological nurses and gerontological rehabilitation nurses must advocate “for the health of older persons at all levels of prevention” (Mauk, 2006).Gerontological Nursing Essay Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay GET?CUSTOM PAPER FUTURE OF GERONTOLOGY Due to the current tendency of population aging, gerontology has become a significant aspect of modern healthcare. Specialists operating in the gerontological sphere must realize that each old person is unique. They have lived their lives, developed habits, interests, and experiences. Like any other citizen of the country, older people remain their rights to privacy and dignity. They have abilities and limitations which impact their life satisfaction, expectations, and needs. Gerontologists state that “We believe in the older person’s right to make informed choices, and we advocate for the fulfillment of those decisions” (CGNA, 2010). Even though family and friends of the older person remain playing an integral role in their lives, they still often require the third party’s support. Thus, gerontological nurses can fill in this gap. Their professional support and communication can improve the physical and psychological condition of the patient. They can ensure that “the health care system, including gerontological nursing practice, supports client outcomes” (CGNA, 2010). Gerontological nurses are the professionals that aim to optimize the well-being of older people and assist them to achieve successful aging. CGNA (2010) views gerontological nursing as “dynamic interaction between the client and nurse to achieve health and wellbeing” (CGNA, 2010). This sphere provides a nurse with different areas for self-development and promotion. While being an integral part of the process, a nurse must be ready to contribute significantly to the interaction with the patients. “Clients bring their unique experiences, personal knowledge, and expertise about themselves whereas nurses bring their specific body of knowledge of gerontology and geriatrics, their skills and the art and science of nursing” (CGNA, 2010). Moreover, different political, social, community, cultural and other factors play an integral role in the development of the interaction between the older person and the nurse. Thus, a nurse must always be prepared for such conditions and find necessary words to maintain a positive environment for the patients.Gerontological Nursing Essay SAFETY IS AN ESSENTIAL FACTOR FOR OLDER PEOPLE AGE SUCCESSFULLY. Patient falls are a serious aspect of the nursing field since it is nurses’ responsibility to take care of the patients and ensure that they are safe at all time. The American population is aging, and the majority of patients in the health centers are older adults who are prone to falls leading to various ramifications to the health centers, patient, and the nurses. Consequently, this research aims at identifying how patients’ falls can be reduced in healthcare facilities. According to Weinberg (2011), elderly falls among the old people in the hospital are ranked sixth leading cause of death for this category of people. The authors also argue that falls among the patients are the primary cause of injury admission in the majority of healthcare facilities in the US. Rowe (2013) argues that falls lead to prolongation of the inpatient period for about 84% of patients aged more than sixty years. The researcher has also found that one in every forty falls cases results in death after one year. The increase in inpatient stay due to patient falls results to increased care costs as the injuries call for extensive care leading to depletion of resources allocated to the health facility. According to Wayland et al. (2010), patient falls lead to muscle and soft tissue fractures which not only increase the hospitalization period but also decreases the movement ability of the patient. It is imperative to note that, the mobility of the patient is necessary as it helps the patient to recover within the set time frame. As the hospital staff, especially the nurses, come up with programs to enhance the mobility of the patients, they have to be careful to ensure that the patient does not fall. Rheaume and Fruh (2015) argue that 25% of patient falls are preventable if only the hospital can implement the right structures and practices. It is essential to note that the nurses have a role to take care of the patients, and this study falls squarely within the precincts of the nursing study (Dzie?yc et al. 2015).Gerontological Nursing Essay Conclusion Due to the current tendency of population aging, gerontology has become a significant aspect of modern healthcare. Specialists operating in the gerontological sphere must realize that each old person is unique. This is notable that nursing career has a vast developmental opportunity as it makes the employees think hard before making decisions and actions. They are involved in communication with people who have a vast experience in different spheres of knowledge. Gerontological nurses must be ready to take care of older people in every single moment of their stay in the healthcare establishment. This will help reduce possible physical injuries and their adverse outcomes. Thus, the operation in this field is challenging as it requires much attention, care, and support. However, this job is grateful as a gerontological nurse helps a patient to enjoy his aging process Gerontological Nursing Essay Nursing Paper-Gerontological & Griatric Nursing NUS 401 Assignment 18 December 2012 1. End of Life Issues and the Elderly (2) “Identify and discuss the role of the nurse in providing family centred care to an elderly client who is palliative and living at home with his/her spouse or another family member”. Palliative care is an approach to provide a coordinated medical, nursing, and allied health service to address the patient’s physical, social emotional and spiritual needs for people with progressive incurable illness. Palliative care seeks to deliver allied health service within the environment of person’s choice to improve quality of life for both an ill person and the family or friends. In the United States, Europe and other part of the world, number of people reaching the advanced age and having the need of specialities for the management of pain control continues to increase. (Royal College of Nursing, 2004). Meanwhile, a nurse plays vital roles in providing family centred care to an elderly palliative client living at home with his or her spouse or family member. Nurses’ roles to an elderly palliative client are as follows: Relief client from physical symptoms Providing quality of life-care for an elderly patient Family support Assisting the client to achieve good death or dying well Reducing client isolation, fear or anxiety Gerontological Nursing Essay Personal Knowing In Gerontological Medical Nursing Essay The kind of knowledge developed; how to organize, test, and apply in an area of field of expertise like nursing depends upon the general conception of the field. The knowledge that acts as the essential guidance has patterns, forms, and professional buildings which become the benchmark expectation in attaining success operating delivery. Therefore understanding these basic habits is essential for learning and educating nursing since they involve critical evaluation of questions about what is intended by knowing and what kinds of knowledge in nursing are considered to be of high value in terms of willpower. Nursing practice includes use of different types of knowledge. The course has provided me valuable insights into the characteristics and development of nursing knowledge. In an epistemological analysis of nursing knowledge, Carper identifies four fundamental patterns of knowing from the analysis of the conceptual and the syntactical of nursing knowledge (Jacobs, 1998). The habits includes: The empirics which is the science of nursing, it is the universally accepted professional technological knowledge. It includes appearance of facts, arranged types of procedures, conceptual models, and ideas. Esthetic routine of knowledge is defined as the artwork of nursing and it is mainly predicated on direct feeling of personal experience. However, the knowledge is not completely subjective as the purchased knowledge can identified in both theory and experience. The idea of personal knowledge in medical is an important pattern since it provides chance of better service delivery. On the other hand, ethics knowledge is the idea of moral knowledge in medical practice. Ethical routine is thought to go beyond the knowledge of ethical rules. Both personal and cosmetic habits are by nurses to develop knowledge in the humanistic medical model. used in the In this particular paper, I intend to describe and explore personal knowing for example of nursing knowledge and its contribution to nursing practice, especially in elderly adult good care.Gerontological Nursing Essay The subject matter of personal knowing in gerontological nursing is particularly highly relevant to me as a person and my work vocation in geriatrics. In the foreseeable future, I plan to continue dealing with the geriatric society as a nurse educator. Knowledge of these habits of knowing has the potential of increasing my basic knowledge and therefore positively affects my future nursing practice. In gerontological nursing, client-nurse relationship is specially important in assisting patients deal or beat their problems. Personal knowing helps create an effective relationship which necessary for providing quality health care services. Employed in an environment where I will be absolve to use my technological, honest, and personal knowledge would therefore help me understand needs of the customers and make use of the best responses. In modern times nurses have utilized an array of theoretical and practical knowledge in delivering healthcare services anticipated to increased dependence on new strategies in resolving modern health issues. Nursing knowledge therefore is a way for reaching appropriate care for patients. Together with the increasing challenges and the need to resolve them, you can find the need for nurses to explore their professional beliefs to discard obsolete concepts and therefore develop new and satisfactory knowledge to competently look after their patients. The data of new strategies for patient’s care will thus allow the nurse to justify their activities or stop poor tactics. Nursing knowledge can be obtained from scientific facts through research and evaluation; it may also be attracted from experience over time of working. Knowledge can also be personally produced from understanding of the type of concern. Scientific knowledge in medical can be had through research enquiry. But the generation of medical knowledge from research is widely accepted and used because of its practical facts, nurses also use experiences gained through personal learning.Gerontological Nursing Essay In compare, many writers have recommended frameworks which summarize knowledge as being generated through previous experience and personal understanding. Personal knowledge promotes wholeness and integrity and creates restorative use of self applied where nurses use a lot of their ‘own-self’ in interacting with patients and use the relationship to facilitate healing. Self consciousness by nurses can be increased through do it yourself reflection, this can help in learning about personal abilities which may be used to design new strategies in providing healthcare services. Personal knowledge is the most controversial design of knowing in medical practice since it is difficult to understand and instruct. However, personal knowledge is the most essential and effective in understanding this is of individual well-being in conditions of health. Nurses who work in the field of geriatrics, also known as gerontology, focus on caring for older adults. This is a high-demand practice area, because older people are more likely to require health services. Half of all hospital admissions are for patients over age 65, but only 1% of nurses are certified in geriatrics (, 2013). Geriatric nurses are educated to understand and treat the often complex physical and mental health needs of older people. Nurses try to help their patients protect their health and cope with changes in their mental and physical abilities, so older people can stay independent and active as long as possible. Many older people have health conditions that do not require hospitalization, but must be treated with medication, changes in diet, use of special equipment, daily exercises or other adaptations. The nurses often function as a case manager, linking families with community resources to help them care for elderly members. (, 2013.) Geriatric nursing is a fast-growing career, because Americans are living longer. The post-WWII “Baby Boomer” generation is just now hitting retirement age. According to the U.S. Census, by 2050 more than 20% of Americans – 88 million people –– will be over age 65. (Cherry, 2011)Gerontological Nursing Essay Since nursing mainly involves developing associations through interactions and transactions between your nurse and patients, it is noticeable that the quality of nurse-patient connections has a bearing on the individual coping or overcoming the illness known as the ‘therapeutic use of do it yourself’ by the nurse. Hence, it is important how nurses view themselves and their patients which can help nurses to effectively assimilate both formal medical and informal solutions to patient treatment. Personal knowledge in medical is the individual knowledge which is obtained through personal engagement in situations and occasions with patients. Additionally it is associated with knowing, encountering and concrete personal actualization in working place.Gerontological Nursing Essay As a matter of fact, personal knowledge can be had through experience, trial of different techniques with unknown outcomes, and progressive sensible learning through eager observation. Like methodical knowledge, personal knowledge may also be practically received and the gained knowledge varieties part of nurse services to patients. The data is usually without formal documentation or methodical research research but is based on individual’s own understanding of the health concern and their best approach for solving the trouble. The need for personal knowledge is that the knowledge is gained voluntarily without major initiatives in referring to documented principles and procedures which may be difficult to comprehend. Nurses therefore may use their own reasonable judgments to effectively handle varied client health problems. Personal knowing is also important since it allows nurses to be more innovative and confident in their work. This is important in creating positive patient-nurse relationship which can make the patients to rely upon treatments given by the nurse.Gerontological Nursing Essay At once, “personal knowing” creates flexibility in handling patient’s problems, new ways which can be invented are usually more efficient and less time consuming compared with the traditional scientific knowledge. Therefore they help nurses save time and attend to the needs of more patients within short time. Personal knowledge in nursing can therefore assist in handling in unsafe nursing practices which have been blamed on inadequate staffing and obsolete policies and steps. Some personal knowing techniques like story revealing to to patients have since been included in training of nurses. The strategy has broadly been accepted in geriatrics due to its positive influences on patient’s restoration. In counseling corporations, apart from legal procures layed out in the code of ethics, specific knowledge based on past experience is widely used by advisors to identify clients’ cases.Gerontological Nursing Essay The idea of “personal knowing” creates a good working environment for nurses and therefore enables them to develop a good attitude towards their job. Although they observe their work ethics, nurses are offered a free environment where they can assimilate practical training, scientific theory, and knowledge gained through their relationship with clients. Such favorable work environment encourages effective healthcare delivery by allowing easy movement of information between doctors and nurses. In addition, since medical sector is highly active field, new problems which require new strategies are frequently met. A few of these challenges cannot be handled by medical knowledge alone. Because of this, personal knowledge can be used to explore and design new alternatives. In Gerontological and counselling centers where patient’s attention does not totally involve scientific medical diagnosis, individual understanding of the problem is utilized to determine the nature of the challenge and appropriate action initiated.Gerontological Nursing Essay Certainly, from practical experience, it is clear that culture, accepted practice, and personal beliefs in nursing practice takes on a deep role in growing new ideas and exactly how they are simply disseminated by nurses. When nurses design new ideas, their decision to utilize them must be supported with rational research. Appropriate authorities in the organization also needs to be approached before new ideas are employed nurses. This is to protect nurses and keep with working ethics. In the same way, personal knowledge must show critical thinking in collecting and interpreting information, and use affordable judgment when making use of techniques developed in patient’s attention. Where patients are not sure with the type of health care being provided, nurses are anticipated to explain their services before initiating strategies. On the other palm, personal knowing is not universally accepted and different health companies design their own strict protocols which guide their procedures and service delivery. Gerontological Nursing Essay This is to safeguard the welfare of both their clients and staff. Nurses are talk about registered health staff who are bound by laws and regulations and code of ethics establish by government. Like the name suggest, personal knowing is an informal personal way of understanding situations and are thus may be regarded illegal. Furthermore, they might be prone to blunder which might cause serious heath problem to patients while cause legal fines to the nurse. Furthermore, legal limitations limit efforts by nurses to work with personal knowledge so that it is less applied in many heath establishments. As a result strategies developed from personal knowing remains minimally prompted in medical sector. Being that they are informal in aspect, nurses may acquire effective knowledge on a specific health concern and fail to master the task for future use. Personal knowing may therefore cause inconsistent remedy procedures which may be questioned by patients or lead to reduce of rely upon the nurse. Subsequently, this can cause poor patient-nurse relationship which both impacts medical delivery, patient recovery, also to an magnitude institution’s reputation. Performing a risk research and quality confidence on a specific personal knowledge used in offering health service is difficult as well because the way of measuring their success can only just be predicted by a person. Paperwork is another problem in determining accepted personal knowledge in nursing. Since they are mainly verbally communicated, future mention of them is difficult thus can create inconsistency in handling patient’s issues. Because of this, they can reason behind personal ideas Gerontological Nursing Essay However, with increasing new troubles in heath health care and dynamic good care delivery, more efforts should be concentrated on growing appropriate means for assessing new strategies developed from personal knowing. Nurses must therefore hold the opportunity to lawfully practice their new received skills a safe and supportive environment. This can enhance the quality of services offered and facilitate patient’s recovery. The roles of nurses today should go beyond showing medication to patients, developing a positive romantic relationship with clients and following up on their recovery as well as management of patient’s information must be achieved by nurses today. Establishment of an effective client-nurse relationship predicated on trust is one of the major achievements in the integration of personal and medical knowledge. Moreover, the ability to apply personal knowledge in nursing is therefore important in creating qualified and very skilled work force. Since client-nurse romance is essential in patient’s recovery, personal knowledge has therefore been used to promote quality health care services. Nurses get yourself a wide spectral range of knowledge from training and their useful work which must both be acknowledged by organizations to support individual choices in effective good care delivery. In addition, recognizing individual work predicated on their knowledge help create unity and effective stream of information in the organizations thus facilitating provision of quality health care. With incorporation of advanced technology in health sector for making sure appropriate quality services, better steps that can be attained from experience are also needed. Scientific and honest procedures shouldn’t therefore be utilized to limit integration of personal ideas in providing health care services.Gerontological Nursing Essay Moreover, representation on past problems can permit nurses to build up transformative ideas which can solve major health difficulties experienced today. Perceiving self sense and prejudices in just a challenge offers nurses an opportunity for inventing better ways of overcoming the issue. Because of this, personal knowing should be reconciled with professional responsibilities. However, discipline and work ethics must get consideration to guard patients against unethical routines. New codes of ethics which encourage the utilization of such ideas should be created and included in the existing ones to enable effective attention delivery. 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