[SOLVED] Genetically Modified Organisms

Prepare and submit a term paper on Comparative Media Analysis: Genetically Modified Organisms. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. In most cases, these modifications lead to the development of hybrid organisms whose functionalities are quite diverse from the original ones (Harris, Sulston, & Coggon, 2013). As the world’s population increases, demand for food also increases. This has led to the development of genetically modified foods to satisfy the population. Most of these modified organisms have had environmental impacts, which based on their orientation may be either negative or positive (Harris, Sulston & Coggon, 2013).According to an article by Kristina Hug from the Sweden Department of health, GMOS main function is to benefit the environment. This is by offering solutions to predicaments contributed by adverse climatic conditions in developing states. It is an uphill task to have crops, which will survive successfully in different and dynamic regions considering the current state of climatic conditions. Therefore, genetic modification is the best solution because plants already modified plants to withstand adverse climatic and environmental conditions. This also includes enduring poor conditions by having genetically made plants that are drought resistant as well as crops that do well in high soil salinity (Hug, 2008). GMOS are also known as effective methods of controlling pests as well as fungal infections that have presented an insolvable predicament to farmers. Genetically made rice in China, for instance, requires less pesticide spraying and increases crop yield. This way usually protects the environment from excessive disposal of pesticides, which in some cases are toxic and affect the quality of the soil. In addition, incidences of pesticide poisoning, as well as an environmental potion, result in a reduced rate (Hug, 2008). Moreover, exposure of dangerous pesticides to farmworkers as well as neighboring farms and some consumers as well is reduced by using genetically fabricated crops. The impact on the non-target organisms is also under control and avoided by using less pesticide.


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[SOLVED] Genetically Modified Organisms
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