[SOLVED] General Astronomy

Prepare and submit a term paper on General Astronomy Questions. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Corona is observed with a coronagraph, which blocks the central part of the Sun, therefore providing more contrast to the outer layer of the corona.The magnitude of the magnetic field can be measured indirectly through the gyroresonance emission. Free electrons gyrate in the presence of a magnetic field due to the Lorenz force and emit radiation in the radio spectrum. This spectrum can be measured directly and used to calculate back the original magnetic field present in the solar gas.&nbsp.With increased density comes the high temperature, because the volume of the gas is decreasing. At some point, there is enough energy to produce a sustainable thermonuclear reaction and the energy dissipation counteracts with continuing collapse.Binary stars are two stars that rotate around their common center of gravity. Through the observation, we can determine the period of rotation, i.e. time of one full turn of one start around another. This is enough information to calculate the stellar mass, therefore the answer is d.Both measurements are designed to provide information about the brightness of a star. Apparent magnitude introduces a measure of how bright is a start when observed directly from Earth. Originally it concerned only the visible spectrum, but later the scale was increased to accommodate stars that emit mostly in invisible spectrum. Brighter stars have smaller apparent magnitude. An absolute magnitude is equal to the apparent magnitude of a star as if it were put 10 parsecs away from Earth. Therefore, the apparent magnitude depends on the distance to the star and the absolute magnitude does not.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] General Astronomy
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