[SOLVED] Gender and Sex Comparison

Write an article on Gender and Sex Comparison. It needs to be at least 1500 words. In any culture, what it implies to be a ‘real man’ requires one to be male sex, as well as the various cultures, consider to be masculine attributes and behaviors. On the other hand, a real woman is supposed to be of female sex as well as have feminine attributes (Nobelius, 2004).Sex is a biological paradigm that captures the genetic, physiological, anatomical as well as the hormonal variation that presents in species. People’s understanding of sex has changed since most individuals appreciate the diversity among populations. For instance, the previous understanding of sex assumed the chromosomal arrangements XY and XX as the characteristic makeup of men and women, respectively, at the moment there are various chromosomal configurations XXX, XXY, XYY as well as XO exist as well as XY females and XX males. The presence of these chromosomal arrangements has resulted in greater comprehension of the genetic contributions of Y and X chromosomes in human phenotypic development as well as health and it shows the need for further research to increase narrow conceptualizations of sex to entail this kind of diversity (Johnson & Repta, 20, n.d, p.19).According to Gogus, Gogus & Gogus (2011, p. 16) understanding sex is very fundamental since it has a great impact on one’s health. There exist many sex differences that affect the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, coronary heart disease, as well as lung cancer. however, the causal mechanisms that account for the differences are never clear (Johnson & Repta, 20, n.d, p.19). There is need of conceptualizing sex more accurately in order to understand these mechanisms. Sex has an impact on health starting with the various chromosomal compositions in the sexes that lead to differences in blood chemistry, metabolism, as well as hormonal composition. For the same reasons, the impact of anesthetics differs with sex.


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[SOLVED] Gender and Sex Comparison
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