[SOLVED] Fantastic Voyage

In the 1966 Sci-Fi movie Fantastic Voyage, a microscopic submarine crew travel around the interior of the human body. For this exercise, imagine that you have been shrunk down to microscopic level and can take a voyage through one system of the human body that we have learned about in this week’s learning module. Based on what you know from this week’s readings, lectures, and class activities, choose one of the following systems:A) Digestive SystemB) Circulatory SystemC) Respiratory systemD) Excretory systemAnd write a brief (1-2 paragraphs) entry in this discussion forum describing in detail your “tour” through that system as a microscopic voyager. Your description must be detailed and include as much information as possible about the organs and structures you would encounter, and the sequence in which you would encounter them. Be creative! You may make your description read like a fictional story, and it can be as entertaining as you want it to be, but it must be accurate and detailed.To earn full credit (1 point towards your 5-point Discussion grade for lecture), you must post your description of a “voyage” through one of the three organ systems mentioned, as described above.


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[SOLVED] Fantastic Voyage
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